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Need a Better Way to Watch TV at FSG?

FSGchannelLogoThe FSG media team is happy to announce that the new FSG Channel receivers are ready to be installed in branches across FSG.

The latest features of The FSG Channel receivers include:

          Video On Demand Menu– This menu will allow the branch to play FSG Videos when it most convenient. For a complete list of videos currently loaded on the FSG Channel Receiver, Click Here

          Hot Keys for specific content– This feature is programmed into the system and allows a branch to play media content on a loop. For example, pushing the F4 key will start a continuous loop of the FSG corporate marketing video.  This feature also allows for a branch to make custom message requests.  If a branch would like a custom message displayed for a visiting customer or vendor, simply submit the requested message to FSG media at least 48 hours in advance.  The FSG media team will then load the message and assign the message to a key on the keyboard and send that info back to the branch. For a complete list of current Hot Key assignments, Click Here.

          Integration with FSG Today website– This feature allows the FSG Media team to update article headlines on FSG Today and have those same headlines appear on The FSG Channel.  Branches can take advantage of this feature by sending promotional content to the FSG Media team to be shared on the FSG Today website.  This feature will update automatically each time the FSG Today website is updated.

          Live TV FunctionalityThis option is available only with the new XD1230 Receiver.  This feature allows branches to incorporate live TV from an HDMI source into the FSG Channel branding and marketing. For example, If the branch shows Fox news on the TV in the Lobby, the new XD1230 has the ability to take that broadcast and put it inside of FSG branding. There are some restrictions to this feature, so please contact FSG Media to see if your television broadcast is setup to work with the FSG Channel receiver.   

The FSG Channel will continue to evolve.  Over time, videos will be replaced with newer videos and content will be modified based on branch feedback and involvement.  

Each month the FSG Media team will produce a video clip called Wired In that will highlight new content on The FSG Channel and FSG Today.  When content is updated, a list of updates will be e-mailed to branches as well as posted on the FSG Today website. 

If your branch doesn’t currenrly have an FSG Channel Receiver, contact Brannon Bourland for a details on how to get setup and cost information. 

The FSG Media team is looking forward to getting branches involved in the creation of content and the distribution of messages across the company.  If your branch would like to be a part of an FSG Channel production, or if you have any ideas for the FSG Media team, send an email to [email protected].

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