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No Room for Error

FSG Electric was contacted by Kidde Fire Trainers at the recommendation of a local general contractor. The initial contact was requesting some T&M rates for a small project they had going on at DFW International Airport and since we were already onsite performing other work, it would be easy to use the same men

Once we were engaged with Kidde, more information started to come out that the first electrical contractor had been removed from the project for “lack of performance”. This obviously had our team a little uneasy since we had never worked with Kidde previously. Nevertheless we showed up to start work and realized the we were to take over a significant raceway and control wiring project for the new fire training facility. This is not your typical fire training facility, it is a mock up of an airplane and this thing was huge. The previous electrical contractor just did not have the attention to detail that this project would take.

We spent the next six months working hand and hand with Kidde installing all of the fire controls systems that make this thing come to life. When when all was said and done, it could simulate almost any type of fire in and around an airplane from the cockpit to the ground around it. There were water sensors that would shut down the fire as water touched each area to simulate actually putting the fire out. The system also had the ability to engulf the interiro fo the aircraft in fire so that firefighters could work through an interior fire scenario. There are so many different fire training exercises that this new facility can put the firefighters through that other cities and airports send their employees from around the world to train on it.

Without the attention to detail and hard work by Jimmy Foster (Project Manager), Josh Gault (Foreman), Tony Greer (Journeyman) and Brandon Pate (Journeyman) this project would have been extremely difficult.

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Photo from DFW AFTRC Facebook Page

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