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Noe Flores Earns Master Electrician License

We are excited to celebrate Project Manager Noe Flores, who recently earned his Master Electrician license. Noe is currently in the process of obtaining the Responsible Individual designation on FSG’s state Electrical Contractor license in Colorado and he will play a crucial role in FSG’s expansion strategy for construction in Denver.

Noe Flores

Noe joined FSG in June as a Project Manager and brought with him eight years of experience in the electrical industry. He started as an apprentice and advanced to a Project Manager with the goal of one day becoming a Director of Construction. The primary reason Noe came to FSG was for advancement opportunities that were not available at his previous employer. He is excited about the opportunity to help FSG grow as he continues to grow professionally.

Noe says, “I have wanted to pursue my master’s license since my apprenticeship. I wanted the challenge of getting the license, the satisfaction of knowing the code well, and the ability to utilize it for future business opportunities.” As the Responsible Individual for FSG’s Colorado Electrical Contractor license, Noe is responsible for ensuring that all work is performed in accordance with the National Electrical Code. This not only increases the quality and safety of work but also prevents FSG from potential penalties and fines.

When asked what he would say to other electricians considering continuing their licensing path, Noe says, “I believe that the trades are an invaluable asset to our nation and economy. They promote hard work and self-sufficiency in a well-paying industry. I would encourage any apprentice to obtain the highest level of licensure available for their professional development and growth.”

Rob Cheney, Director of Construction for FSG Denver, says of Noe, “He is one of the rising stars in our industry and I am happy to have him on my team. He has the intelligence, customer skills, and work ethic paramount to success. It will be fun to mentor him and watch his growth with FSG.”

Join us in congratulating Noe on his recent success! Send your congratulations and words of encouragement to him below!?

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