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Northeast Rolls Out Regional Support Team

FSG NortheastThe NorthEast FSG branches now have a regional support team in place that covers all of the branches from Boston to Baltimore.

While you can still deal with the branches directly, feel free to reach out to the regional team members if you need support in specific areas. The Regional team is based out of NJ but travels to all the branches. We have also set up a NE Resource site at www.fsgnortheast.info.

Bernie Erickson NE Regional Manager

Bernie’s role will be to manage and mentor the Local Market Directors (LMD’s) across the region, visiting their branches on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. The Regional Manager will act as a bridge keeping all branches in the NE connected.

• Ongoing review in the local markets of P&L and financial performance.
• Work with LMD’s to develop market strategies, target markets, sales approaches.
• Provide sales training for salespeople throughout the region on sales technique as well as how to use FSG resources and other resources the region may develop.
• Participate in the interview process for key employees at the branches.
• Coordinate the sales testing program.
• Make sales calls for key accounts with salespeople at the local branches.
• Meet with manufacturers and rep’s in the local markets as needed to establish and maintain FSG’s credibility
• Manage the Regional Support Team including the Regional Operations Manager, the Regional Specification Manager, and the Regional Marketing Manager.
• Insure that the Regional Support Team is providing value to all stakeholders in the region.
• Schedule and coordinate quarterly regional management meetings.

David Morales NE Operations Manager

David’s role will encompass operational oversight responsibility for FSG’s people, business and operations in the NE.

• Operational oversight in NE branches
• Assist with people and processes. Systems and computer training.
• Safety oversight in NE. Interface with Corporate Safety Director. Manage NE Safety Coordinator for employee on-boarding, site visits, etc.
• Coordinate regional account opportunities to be executed by the local branches.
• Key account coverage

Kevin Rowe NE Audit and Specification Manager

Kevin’s role includes managing auditors and SMEs and product specification in the NE.
 Responsible for auditors and audits for MA, NY, NJ, PA, and MD.
 Visit branch locations monthly to review and go over any necessary projects that require assistance.
 Trains auditors, SME’s and salesmen utilizing projects the branches are currently working on.
 Lead branches and team on any NAC, ESCO, or multi location audits.
 Review of final proposals on an as needed basis to make sure every strategy and measure is correct and the best option
 Process bids received on key accounts as needed by FSG to win potential jobs
 Process take offs to bid on key potential projects as needed
 Rebate analysis for bid submittals for key projects as needed
 Maintain auditing calendar tracking all audits and auditors, with viewing rights for all of the requesters at each branch location
 Bi-weekly training for auditors and SME’s on new technologies and trends
 Hiring and interviewing of potential auditors
 Deploy auditing team to potential jobs that are large in size or multiple sites that have a time line to finish audits (Ex: Caesars national auditing of multiple sites throughout US)
 Networking each branch
 Combine ideas, strategies, and direction of each branch.
• Making sure that every auditor in the Eastern territories is on the same page

Andy Ghilino NE Marketing Manager

Andy’s role will include marketing, sales and advertising support for all NE branches.

• Help branches create marketing campaigns using either print or email to develop business to be serviced by SME’s
• Manage FSG Newsletter, soliciting manufacturers, writing monthly specialty article. Help branches create their email list
• Manage NE Trade Show booths and equipment. Manage Google Calendar for all shows
• Help organize all Demo kits and fixtures kept by audit department.
• Maintain a resource website in Google Sites that catalogs all resources with photographs, pricing and ordering information if applicable.
• Write articles for FSGTD.com for branches
• Create case studies of major jobs from branches.
• Create training videos that might be needed locally.
• Work to utilize and maximize manufacturer co-op and marketing funds.
• Manage Social Media for the NE including Twitter and Linkedin
• Manage Constant Contact for NE

Catherine Faure NE Regional Account Coordinator

Catherines role will include administration, customer coordination and billing for regional accounts in the North East

• Responsible for all aspects of customer service for all regional account incoming service calls
• Responsible for providing the local branch Service Managers with full support
• Responsible for all service management administration – primarily service billing
• Responsible for auditing and updating the service site files for the individual divisions
• Responsible for maintaining and updating the contract database and administrating changes to service contracts
• Entry of service management billing, and all related audits of cost and pricing:
 Opening call slips
• Opening work orders
 Entering billing
 Auditing billing
o Maintaining material price records
• Respond to customer requests for information regarding services and billing inquiries
• Quality audits of Daily Service Management report and Service Status & Quality report
• Audits of all division database files – price level audits, site and customer record accuracy, vendor file accuracy

Paul Stevens NE Regional Safety Coordinator

This position will support safety in the North East.

• Timely entry of monthly benefit enrollments and coordinating with vendors to ensure all employees have been contacted and offered benefits when eligible.
• Answering employee inquiries related to benefits
• Coordinating Open Enrollment
• Counseling employees and managers on policy issues
• Maintaining employee records
• Recruiting and interviewing candidates
• Coordinating background checks and random drug tests
• Conduct LOTO, Advanced Energized Circuit Awareness, Meter Proficiency, Hot Work Protocol classes; and other classes that may be required.
• May be required to conduct OSHA 10 Hour Class and will distribute the OSHA 10 Hour Card.
• Assist/perform monthly jobsite safety audits and follow-up as needed.
• Ensure Job Hazard Analysis are conducted in accordance with company policy

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