2024 Open Enrollment begins November 13

Welcome to the information hub for all things related to Open Enrollment for 2024. Below, you'll find a breakdown of the Open Enrollment process, as well as the options available to you. If you know what changes you want to make, you can log in to Paycom and make those changes.  If you have no changes to make, Click the yellow button below and fill out the 'no changes' form.

New Health Plan Option and Telehealth Updates

This year, we are adding a new, FREE, option to our health plans. This HDHP has no monthly premiums, a deductible of $7,500, and an out-of-pocket max of $7,500 - so once you hit your deductible, everything else is covered at 100%.


We are also thrilled to be able to offer FREE virtual healthcare and mental health calls to all FSG Employees and their dependents. This benefit allows for unlimited medical and mental health calls and you do NOT need to be enrolled in any of FSG's health benefits for this service. It is for all FSG employees and their dependents.

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Open Enrollment is Nov. 13 - Dec 1

This year, Open Enrollment will run from Monday, November 13th through Friday, December 1st.

To make changes, log in to your Paycom account and go to your Benefits tab. You'll see an option to choose your benefits for 2024.

All Open Enrollment selections will go into effect on January 1st, 2024. If you make no changes to your current coverages, your coverages will automatically carry over into 2024.

Watch the Benefits Presentation

We know enrolling in your benefits can be confusing, so we've created a presentation to help make things a little easier to understand.

Click the box to the right to watch a presentation that will show you what is new, explain our plan options, and walk you through how to enroll.

Your HR department is also available to answer questions.  Simply click the button below and submit any questions you have and the HR team will get back to you as soon as they can.

HSA, 401K, and More


A Health Savings Account (HSA) is similar to a personal savings account, but the money is only used to pay for healthcare expenses (think prescription medications, doctor appointment co-pays, feminine products, etc.).

You have complete autonomy over how much or how little of your paycheck is pulled into your HSA. For a full breakdown of what an HSA is, watch the video below.

To sign up for an HSA, complete the one-page online enrollment form through Optum Bank. Once submitted, you'll receive a debit card and welcome packet in the mail. (Note: FSG cannot create your account for you).

New sign-ups must be submitted by the end of Open Enrollment - December 1st, 2024 to receive an upfront match deposit in January.

Reminder: You must be enrolled in the HealthSaver Medical Plan to contribute to an HSA.


Video Library: Click Below to Learn More about Your HSA


FSG believes in the importance of preparing for the future and maximizing returns. By offering our employees a well-structured 401K, FSG is helping people do both of these things.

When you take part in a 401K program you're not only saving a portion of the money you've already made, but you're also getting money, both from FSG in the form of an employer contribution and in the gains from the investments where that money is maintained.  Some have gone so far as to describe a 401K as "free money."

FSG's 401K program is managed and maintained through Principal Financial.  Principal has prepared a library of resources for FSG employees where you can learn more about how a 401K works, how to get involved, and what you can do to better prepare for that day when you get to say "I'm retired!"


Benefits Enrollment Contact Form

If you don't have any changes, or if you have questions, fill out the form below and let us know.  If you have questions, an HR team member will get back to you ASAP. If you don't have any changes, don't worry, we won't bother you, but we really appreciate you letting us know.