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P2P – Administrators April 2012

Laney Adams was the guest star for this month’s P2P – Administrators Meeting.  Laney (FSG HR / Payroll) offered insight into the biggest challenges we have in handling PR and on-boarding new employees.  


Following are the topics she discussed:

     On-boarding issue:

As it pertains to the on-boarding challenges: Laney stressed that administrators make sure that all forms are included in the new employee packet and that they are all completely filled out.  Over the course of discussion, we discovered that, for some reason, the Foreman Tool List, and Veterans Sheet are no longer in the packets.  Laney is going to make sure that all new packets include these forms.  Another problem is that some of the employees Drivers Licenses are expired.  We encourage Administrators to check  ALL items before the packets are sent.  Some of the administrators were uncertain as to how long they should hold onto copies of new employee packets before destroying, and also needed some type of notification that the new employee was “in the system”.   Resolution:  Laney said that she will create a new checklist and forward it to the administrator, indicating that all necessary paperwork was received and that it is complete, also confirming that the new employee is “set up”.  This will be the “trigger” that it is ok to destroy the copies.  


     Background Checks on New Employee issue:

There have been several problems with timely processing of background checks.  Laney indicated that FSG is looking to replace our current vendor with one that has a much better track record.  We hope to have this in place before the end of October.   More to come as this is solidified.

     Manual Checks to Employees issue:

Our goal is to have minimal manual checks, PERIOD.  However, when a manual check has to be issued to an employee for reimbursement,.. or whatever, it is helpful for the administrator to enter in the system the Employee Number First on the remit to line, this helps HR reduces the amount of time it takes HR to allocate and record these cost properly.  


     Termination Paperwork issue:

It is taking entirely too long to process terminated employee.  After much discussion, it became clear that the most common root cause is the delay in getting this paperwork from the field supervisors / superintendents and / or PM’s.  (Depending on how each branch handles this process).  So, We are asking each Division Manager to emphasize and reinforce the need to get termination paperwork turned in in a timely manner.  Each branch is set up differently so we need DM’s to get with their administrators to determine if there is a breakdown or bottleneck  in their branch and if so… help to resolve with appropriate parties…. (might be time for a tune up)… 


     How we record rappelling rates for PR.. issue:

Laney is going to get with IT (Tom R) to set up an RA classification so that we can be more consistent as to how we pay technicians for rappelling work.  Currently some  branches are entering this as OT, some are simply calculating and entering how many extra regular time hours are needed to compensate for this work.  This creates confusion and inconsistencies on payroll reports.  Laney will follow up with this group to let us know the solution.

      Direct Costing of Inventory to Work Orders:

Robin Taylor also discussed the issue of direct costing of Inventory to work orders.  There have been various views on this in the past, we are trying to determine Best Practice.  We will be polling all Admin, Warehouse, Service Mgrs, and Purchasing personnel before we make this decision.  This needs to be one way… or the other… not both.  Once decided, we will all handle the same way.  We will notify everyone of the results in our next P2P meetings.

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