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P2P – CAD Designers April 2012

Even though turn out for this month’s P2P – CAD group was low, we had a great dialogue regarding several issues and problems.  Topics discussed include: How to handle coordination meetings when the company who is controlling the meetings (other sub-contractor) and information are being difficult and not willing to share files.  We talked about how to establish “Ground Rules” early on, so that all parties can maximize their efforts in job coordination, file sharing protocol, etc….  Another point of discussion revolved around the difficulties encountered while attempting to  X-ref into various programs, Navis Works seems to be the most stable, however, each has their unique quirks.  (Many tricks of the trade were shared)..   There are also problems dealing with “Object Enablers”… (Frankly I don’t have a clue what an “object enabler”  is, but it is a problem and the guys who were talking about it understood what they were talking about and came to some great  resolution).  If you want to learn how to resolve problems with “object enablers”, contact Mike Galvan (DE40) ….   One of our branches is having problems with file size, the GC is requiring “modeling” of all conduit 3/4″ and up.  The sheer volume of data to reflect this amount of work is causing computers to lock up.  Might be time for an upgrade.  One last item, we discussed the feasibility of creating a library either on the FSG FTP site or public folder that would allow CAD designers to share “add on’s”, “block items”, and possibly even common lay outs such as Operating Rooms, we ran out of time and decided to pick up on this topic next time.

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