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P2P – Estimators June 2012

This month we began reviewing and updating the various spreadsheets that estimators use in pulling together info for their proposals.  We confirmed with Bill G the percentages to be used for estimating OCIP credits for proposals.  These are to be used for Estimating purposes ONLY.  A credit for this amount should be set up in job budgets (yes… an authorized NEGATIVE CODE) that reflects the amount credited for OCIP jobs.  At the end of the project the PM or DM should contact Jake Clark to have the credit issued to the job before the job is closed.   Each job and GC has their own unique (and sometimes very complicated) formula to determine OCIP credits.  If additional information is required by GC’s for job specific information, it is important that the PM or DM contact Bill Gfor specific rates and calculations.  We reviewed the bond calculator worksheets and determined that the rates shown are from a few years back, I will be contacting WardAgency for updated rates.  We also will be getting updated rates for the different states and jurisdictions.  The Davis Bacon Worksheet has much work to do.  We will need to contact Jake / Jeff B to obtain calculations for this info.  

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