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P2P – NAC Service Coordinators / Team Lead March 2012

A few members missed the last meeting or two so we recapped the status of the “Work Order Flow Chart”.  We discussed current “status codes” to determine how many are relevant and being used, in addition all Service Coordinators are to get with their teams to recommend which of the codes are pertinent to critical paths for the timely handling of work orders.  Our intent is to take this recommendation and forward to Bill / IT to generate a report that will provide quantifiable status as to how many timeline target goals are achieved and or missed.  We followed up on  the “notes in GUI”.  Per the service coordinators there was improvement on notes, however, we still need to do better.   We will continue to stress the importance of maintaining updated notes and will continue to monitor.   We raised the issue of an incident where a NAC Service Coordinator had changed the status of a call from “N” to “A-00”, this is not to happen.  Specific info was forwarded to Mike G to address in house with the coordinator.  We reiterated that NAC no longer needs to “print” the work orders at the branch, each dispatcher is responsible for managing their own calls.  Couple of new topics:  1) “Emergency Calls” are to be handled differenty than the “Standard Work Order Service Calls”, Stacy J is to create a new flow chart showing the flow of an Emergency NAC Work Order”.  2) We discussed the potential to create a R-90 Status Code to reflect that the branch is “rejecting” a new call, this will notify / alret NAC to find an affiliate.  3)  Stacy J will be getting with IT to see if GUI can display / highlight in various colors the status of the calls (whether or not we have exceeded the allotted time for status change.  

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