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P2P – NAC Service Coordinators / Team Lead June 2012

Several Expediters commented that in some cases it is still taking too much time for Dispatchers to schedule calls.  These will need to be handled on a case by case basis.  Once IT dept has the status report completed we will be able to better analyze how many calls are actually meeting and not-meeting the 4 hour requirement.  Until that time the Expediters are to handle via the Escalation Policy, and if there are several for one branch they need to notify Stacy and Myself for us to reach out to the dispatcher to see if additional training is necessary.  Expediters are also asking for an updated org chart, many people changing positions and the expediters don’t know who to call.  We discussed the need to educate the dispatchers / service managers on the difference between a NTE Quote and a “firm quote”.  We will be working with NAC to formalize a “Standardized NAC Quote Form”.  Often times quotes are received with no “scope, qualifications, or BOM”…  Call Tags are the next topic to resolve.  

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