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P2P – Service Dispatchers March 2012

Robin Taylor quickly reviewed the Fit N Tight status.  Over all there has been a marked improvement in the Fit N Tight results.  Robin and Stacy are now focusing their efforts on coming along side a few branches that continue to struggle.  We solicited feedback from all dispatchers regarding direct costing inventory to work orders thru transfer rather than the current way of inventory being removed once work order posts. The answer was a resounding yes.   Robin will work with Bill to see if this is still an option.   Another enhancement that is being considered is having an  email option sent to the customers thru GUI call slip that updates the customer with the status of the work order.  Robin  demonstrated a new enhancement to GUI.  She showed how we now have the ability to double click the work order number to look up the history of the work order.  Previously we had to copy the work order number and paste it into the “look up history” field.  The last topic discussed was credits from FSG Lighting.  These credits are now being EDI’ed, do not manually enter as Robin recieved a long list from Corporate that she will help resolve credit issues. 

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