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P2P – Service Managers April 2012

We have been working with Service Managers, Dispatchers, NAC  for several months developing a written standard operating procedural flow chart for handling the “Standard NAC Work Orders”.  Having completed the development stage, we are now formally rolling out for implementation.  Tapping into the knowledge, experience, wisdom, and skills of people in these positions, we were able to collectively collaborate on a solution that will help to resolve many of the frustrations that have plagued the handling of this very important sector of our business.   (Tooting the P2P horn).   We spent the entire meeting reviewing and clarifying items that are a deviation from the way things had been handled.  We also polled the group for areas that need improvement in handling the day to day work orders, specifically as it pertained to communicating work order info to technicians and then collecting completed work orders.  This will be our next main focus for upcoming meetings.

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