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FSG Celebrates Two New PMP Certifications

We are excited to share that two more outstanding FSG team members have recently earned their Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications: Steve Clark and Matt Erickson.

Stephan Clark, PMP

Steve Clark, Project Manager for the NE National Accounts rollout team, joined FSG as a former customer. Steve’s dedication to professional growth and project management excellence is evident in his commitment to earning his PMP certification. As Steve points out, the PMP sets a global standard for project management and enhances our credibility, instilling confidence in our customers. Steve’s passion for efficiency and knowledge gained through the certification not only benefit him personally but also contribute to the development of the entire team.

Matthew Erickson, PMP

Matt Erickson, Project Manager for Division 14, brings a wealth of experience and a unique trajectory to his role. Starting as a helper on the PSEG Direct Install program, Matt’s journey took an entrepreneurial turn and he left FSG to run a small business. However, his true calling in project management led him back to FSG, where he has excelled. Matt’s drive for continuous improvement and his pursuit of an MBA and PMP during the pandemic showcase his commitment to self-improvement and professional development. His achievements not only validate his effectiveness as a project manager but also demonstrate his commitment to success at FSG.

Both Steve and Matt exemplify the spirit of continuous growth that we encourage at FSG. Their achievements not only elevate their individual careers but also contribute to the overall success and reputation of FSG.

Join us in congratulating Steve and Matthew on their achievements!

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