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Remembering Jared Johnson

It is with great sadness that the FSG Communications team writes this piece to announce that our friend and teammate, Jared Johnson, has gained his heavenly reward. 

Jared Johnson and his three sons


Jared, the Vice President of FSG’s Southern California branch, passed away on August 26th, 2021. Jared was an incredible leader, husband, father, son, and friend. Jared had a booming personality and a passion for seeing the people around him succeed. He was not afraid to do the difficult things and was always willing to lead others in the most inspiring way, by example. 

In his professional life, Jared was a true expert in his field, being well respected by industry peers and customers alike. Jared worked hard for his employees, his fellow leaders, and FSG team members across the nation that never knew him. Jared truly had a passion for seeing FSG grow and was serving as the leader of the FSG Growth Committee when he left us. 

In his personal life, Jared was a loyal Anaheim Angels fan, a true General Motors loyalist, and an avid appreciator of the outdoors, especially any activity that involved any kind of motorsports. 

However, above all that, Jared was a husband, a father, a son, a brother, and a friend. Jared cherished his wife and his children and bragged about them any chance he could.  

Jared loved and worked alongside his father and mother, Jeff and Joyce Johnson, both of whom will continue to lead and nurture the FSG Southern California team. 

Jared was a dedicated friend who would welcome anyone with one of his signature hugs. Jared was not a stingy friend, either. He was extremely generous with his time and his listening, something worth more than just about anything else a person can give. 

As we reflect on Jared’s life, his positivity, and his dedication, we are reminded of a passage in the FSG Constitution. 

“We must face reality in all things but have hope in all things. Hope makes the hard times bearable because it promises a brighter tomorrow.”

FSG Constitution 

As we reflect on these words of wisdom, we consider the memories of Jared’s friends, family, and co-workers as they recount some of the ways Jared contributed to and shaped parts of their lives. 


Jared and wife, Jamie Johnson


“Jared and I met through my cousin nearly 25 years ago. We shared a passion for the river, trucks, and baseball. I quickly felt a part of his family, as they have always been welcoming, humble, and generous. Jared became like a brother to me and his family became my own. 

Jared was a gentle giant, treating everyone he encountered with respect and dignity. Whatever he did, he always did with patience, humbleness, and forgiveness in mind. The brilliance of Jared’s personality was that it was often hard to draw a distinction between work and personal life. To him, everyone was on the same playing field. As a manager, father, husband, and friend, he was undoubtedly the most patient person I have ever known. He understood that no one is perfect and everyone will make mistakes. He encouraged people to reflect and learn from their missteps, which helped to foster growth around him. 

Jared was the type of person most of us strive to be. While he would acknowledge how he was far from perfect, he was okay with that. When we would discuss life, he had one piece of advice that applied to almost every situation. Do what makes you happy. That was his philosophy he lived by every day. He had a way of helping you find the humor in life, even when it was difficult. He once told me, “Life is too short to be unhappy, so why waste time or energy on unhappiness?” His overall positive outlook and hardworking attitude aided him in creating and developing the business in California with his dad, Jeff Johnson. This made him proud along with coaching baseball, spending time with his boys, and being married to his wife, Jamie.

Jared was someone you could always count on. Whenever you needed him, he would be there with a smile on his face. He did not believe in leaving people high and dry and would take the time to help anyone that expressed they needed it, whether or not he had the time or knowledge to do so. 

Jared being gone has left a big hole in our world, but we are all better for having known him. I can feel and see him all around me through the memories I share with him and the stories told among friends and family. I can still hear his infectious laugh. I see him in the faces of his three boys and the values he has instilled in them. He impacted each of us in unique ways and I am thankful to call him my friend and brother.”

Chad Owens, FSG Southern California



“Jared is my cousin. I began working alongside him in 2004 for Enertech and then under him for FSG since 2007. As a manager, Jared was creative and innovative in his execution of tasks and would always show the best way to do something. He knew the way things needed to get done and would patiently show you how to do it. As a family member, I have always seen him as a role model because he is such an admirable person. He taught me to always be positive despite whether or not you are feeling it. He would always frame things in a positive light in an effort to inspire you. Jared’s humble and kind nature will be dearly missed, as well as his fun demeanor and hearty laugh.”

Robbie Ramirez, FSG Southern California


“I met Jared on my first day at Enertech Systems. I was not aware that he was the boss, as he just introduced himself as Jared. His patience with his employees and people, in general, was so impactful. He empathized with everyone, whether it was a high-level manager or a UPS delivery person. He made sure to make time for everyone, regardless of how busy he may have been. I hope to carry myself in a manner that would make him proud. He led by being an example of patience and empathy while demonstrating a desire to teach. I recall a time before we were not as close, when I was in a state of grave personal grief, in which he showed me compassion. It was not expected, but I was more appreciative of his empathy than he knew. I am forever grateful for the opportunities he provided me to contribute to the growth of FSG.”

Earl Strohm, FSG Southern California



“Few people grace our lives the way that Jared Johnson did for me. 

I first met Jared when I joined FSG in 2012. From our very first meeting, it was as if we had known each other our whole lives.  

Our common employer had brought us together, but it would not take long for us to find a connection in our passion for cars, trucks, and really anything with an engine. We would swap pictures, stories, and projects. He would give me a hard time about my Fords, and I would send him pictures of ugly Chevrolets. When I picked up an old Chevrolet truck as a project in 2015, Jared was one of the first people I sent a picture of it to. And when I picked up my fourth Chevrolet project this year, Jared was, again, the first person I sent a picture to.  

Jared had a way of making me feel important and connected, but the truth is that it was not just me, it was everyone he worked with and interacted with. He had a genuine interest in the lives of the people around him. He had an infectious laugh and a genuine spirit of servanthood.

Jared was a talented leader and a huge encourager. We worked on many projects together over the years. One of the things that always amazed me was how Jared always found downtime for us to just hang out. While of course, we were busy and that downtime was sometimes 11:00 at night, but nevertheless, Jared always took the time to show his appreciation of the people around him. It’s a lesson I cherish and an example I strive to live by in my life. 

I am going to miss Jared, and I am truly heartbroken at the loss of my friend on this earth.  However, I have faith that Jared has claimed his victory and is celebrating a new life with our Savior and the Saints.  And so, even though it is not easy, I will choose to celebrate with him and look forward to a day when I can talk project trucks and just hang out with my friend again.”

Brannon Bourland, FSG Corporate



A celebration honoring Jared will be held on:

Friday, September 17th at 11:00 am PT

Loma Vista Mortuary

701 East Bastanchury Road

Fullerton, CA 92835

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