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Broadway Lighting Joins FSG

welcomeBannerFSG is pleased to announce that Broadway Lighting of New Jersey is now part of FSG.

It all started in the 1930’s when a young man named I.R.Fox, who was maintaining signs in the theater district, made a deal with the city of New York to maintain the traffic lighting on Broadway. A new company called Broadway Maintenance was established and dedicated to providing sign and lighting service .Within thirty years Broadway became the largest electrical service company in the Northeast.

 “At fourteen years old and working with my Dad I learned that service was all about customer relationship’s.” says Alan Fox, President of Broadway Lighting. “Never give your customer a reason to want to make a change was the key to our success. Broadway Maintenance was sold in the 1980’s and several years later I acquired the New Jersey service division and became Broadway Lighting. Our dedication to customer service satisfaction has never been compromised. We have always remained loyal to our original value statement. A. Doing it right the first time, B. On time every time. and C. Delivering what you promise. Today we are excited to bring our passion for service to FSG. Broadway Lighting just got brighter “

 “Broadway has quite a history” explains Bernie Erickson. “They were the prime electrical contractor for the New York Worlds Fair, lit portions of the NJ Turnpike and Garden State Parkway, and were the prime electrical contractor for the Meadowland Sports Complex and Great Adventure.  I have known Alan Fox most of my career, and could not be happier to have him as part of the North East team!”

 Alan will be doing business development for the NJ Service Department, and will be joined by Sergio Navarro and Paul Maddalena, longtime Broadway employees.

 You can find the Broadway announcement at: http://www.fsgi.com/fsg/electrical/broadway-lighting

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