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Sales Driven Podcast Series: Garrett McGuire

garrettBannerThroughout the years, FSG has delivered on its promise of doing whatever it needs to do to take care of the customer.

That principle of service is as alive today as it has ever been at FSG, and the next generation of servant leaders is rising up to carry the FSG promise to the customer and beyond. One such individual is Garrett McGuire, National Account Manager at FSG who is taking the call to serve the customer to the next level at FSG. With the optimism, determination, and an entrepreneurial spririt, Garrett and his family are moving to the Pacific Northwest to partner with Starbucks on FSG’s behalf.

The FSG communications team had the opportunity to sit down with Garrett and talk about the customer, the future, and the promise that sets FSG apart from everyone else. We also got the chance to ask if this is the beginning of something bigger for FSG in Seattle. To find out the answer, click the link below and listen Garrett’s interview through the FSG Mobile App.

Click Here for Garrett’s interview and to download the FSG Mobile App

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