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School’s in Session

FSG has done it again! Division 24 on Long Island would like to announce the official launch of the New York State FSG Electric Apprenticeship School.

Breaking the mold in an outstanding organizational effort, Gina Dicosola, of Division 24, was able to secure FSG a position with the New York state Department of Labor. Persistence paid off. By executing all paperwork and application requirements, FSG was able to obtain a spot in record time. 

FSG is a member of the ABC Empire State Chapter. ABC is also FSG NY’s Instructional provider, where the FSG field personnel attend the classroom, and instructional training hours needed to complete their 5 year New York State apprenticeship.

“Our apprentices are excited about the program, and are learning quickly. The School is going great.” says Scott Dorsa, FSG NY’s Field Supervisor.

The Apprenticeship School is a big step for the culture of FSG. Not only will this help our vision of continuing education, and implementing a fully trained work force, but this is a significant win for the “merit shops” of NY. FSG can now support the effort to help the local community drive down costs on publicly funded projects. These projects have caused the tax-payers in New York much financial heartache in recent years.

Facility Solutions Group, where our “willingness to contribute to the quality of Life of all employees, customers, vendors, and the general community” is part of the very fabric of our community. FSG is proud to support the local educated workforce initiative.

This new apprenticeship program will surely add quality to the FSG deliverable, value to the community, and help FSG pioneer a new way of building New York.
Click to view the official listing on the New York Department of Labor Website.


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