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Spotlight Awards, 2nd Quarter, 2017

The Customer Care Center has announced their Spotlight Awards for the 2nd Quarter of 2017.

The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program which is voted on by the members of the CCC (which includes NACMRO, Local MRO and NAC Lighting Projects teams).  The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide great service to our customers around the country.

Our winners and nominees for Q2, 2017 are:


JT Graham

He has taken on every account that we have thrown at him with a smile on his face and excellence!!  He brings a ton of knowledge, experience, dumb jokes and a positive attitude.  

He has been a great addition to our team.  Keeps Mark’s head on a swivel too with his jokes .  

Courtney Goerner

She has been an amazing team lead. She is so knowledgeable about… Everything.  I know she is extremely busy but she is always available to help out when needed.  

Lindsey Brandsma and Margaret Richardson

They both have really helped me throughout this quarter.  Even with all the questions I have, they are always cheerful and willing to help.  

Travis Arnold – Corp AR

He is very committed to taking care of the BBI account and keeping it clean.  I know when it was passed on to him that there were several outstanding invoices, however he has done a lot of work to get open invoices closed out.  It’s reassuring to know that there is someone handling the invoicing side that will follow through. 

Debbie West

If Debbie is out of the office, I don’t know what to do.  She has a quick answer for everything and it gets taken care of immediately.  

She has  infinite patience with all the JPMC craziness and has been a huge help with Sephora warranty tags.  

Lee McAfee

He gets it done and makes miracles happen. 

Andrew Wimmer

He’s always super quick to respond.  He’ll get freight quotes over to me as quickly as possible, which is very helpful when I have a customer trying to decide between shipping something next day air or second day air.  

MDC930 Changes

I know there are a lot of people involved in making this process run as smoothly as it does.  It’s a lot of work for everyone, and no one ever complains (to my face), they just get the job done,  I know they know these changes are out of control, but it’s  a nice feeling that they are able to make them without making me feel more guilty than I already do.  

Ricky Sipes

He’s always volunteering to help out when we need coverage and always positive.  Great attitude about anything that’s asked of him.

He’s come a long way and is always willing to help out.

Megan Wheeldon

I always enjoy working with Megan.  She has a great can do attitude and is always there to help with questions and things that need to get done.  Always has a smile on her face even when the Stars are losing! She is also a hell of a Golf cart driver.   

You can throw any project at Megan and she can take it and run with it. She’s my go to when I get stuck on an issue and need another set of eyes to find a solution.  

Gary Loeffel – Sterris Energy TCP Rep San Antonio

He is very helpful when it comes to checking POs, he reps different lines and if we have a problem he calls them and talks to them.  If we can’t get what we want he steps in.  Always ready to help.

Scott Shultz – GE

He has improved the response times and the information flow is much better since he took over our account (for Simon fixtures).  He got us access to the GE fixtures portal which is a huge help.  

Lindsey Godfrey

She has created a great line of communication from LPRO to NMRO (Sonic).  She is always very helpful and asks questions about our shared customer to make sure that they are getting the best service and so that we stay on the same page.  This helps everyone all around and makes the customer very happy. 

Karisha Losada – Green Creative

She has been amazing when it comes to communication.  I always know she will have an update for me and she always keeps me posted as far as material orders go.  She is very consistent on her response times and if there is an issue she will find a way to resolve it.  Because of her I know I can count on Green Creative to assist in getting me what I need.  

Chris Dembosz

I nominate Chris for all of his help when I need assistance with something on an order and quick responses when I need tracking or other information looked up.  

Sam Villarreal

Long time employee.  Great asset to the company.  Good at what he does. Always in a cheerful mood. 

Melissa Ocanas

Works hard. Easy to get along with. Great with customers over the phone. 

Jesse Collins- Tech Light

A great help with all the Whataburger warranties. Get all required RMA paper work needed, in a quick timely matter. 

Ashley Creecy  – Texas Lighting Sales

Ashley always responds to emails in a very timely manner and is very helpful. Even when you do not have a ton of information she is willing to help find the material you are looking for.  

Craig Cegielski – FSG Outside Sales Houston  

Craig has been very helpful with the transition of Top Golf.  He is quick to respond to my questions regarding one of the Top Golf locations and is always willing to help reach out to the customer.  

Nikki Myrick and Adriana Trevino (first winner)

These two people have been great about upping communication and helping out with any issues that I come across.  I have learned many new techniques from both.  Each has their own strength which only adds to the strength of the team as a whole.  I know they can get bogged down, but each has helped me out this quarter at some point to assist customers in the best way possible.  They are hard workers and have stayed positive throughout. 


Adriana Trevino – NAC MRO

I’m so impressed how she is pulled in different directions all day answering questions, helping her team and never gets irritated.  I have never heard her raise her voice or become frustrated no matter the work load and she keeps a positive attitude always.  Not to mention she cracks us up often as well!! She brings a lot of good energy to the room! 

She is always willing to help when I have a question and walking me through things so that I can learn.  

Warren Byrd – Eaton

In the last few months Warren has been very involved in Structure Tone project and is always there to help with a smile and a great attitude no matter how crazy it gets. He responds quickly and goes out of his way to get things done and makes sure that we understand the product information.  He has been extremely helpful these last few months.  

Warren has done everything he possibly can to get us solutions for 2 of our newest customers.  He is so helpful and has even delivered replacement parts in person to expedite the process and make sure the customer is taken care of. 

Dondi Lish – TCP

Always very helpful, quick with a response and my go to when I need an option to offer a customer or outside sales rep.  Exceptional Customer Care and a tremendous attention to detail and a joy to work with.  

I can only imagine how much work and the volume of emails that Dondi goes through a day, but  nonetheless she is always quick to respond back in a short period of time.  She’s always been so helpful and having her back has been a blessing!  

Kristin Brooks – Phoenix  Outside Sales

Her positive outlook and hard work continuously impress me.  Also she likes early 90s rap which is cool.

Always positive, always wiling to do whatever is required to earn or keep a customer.  She has an incredible work ethic and is constantly  fighting for FSG in a relatively new market for us.  Has done an amazing job since joining our team.  Always a pleasure to work with.  A true professional in every respect.

Stacy Gerlach – Local MRO 

On top of doing her job very well, taking great care of our customers& reps, she does so much stuff around the office that most of us may not be aware of.  From cleaning up after us in the break room, to making sure we are all informed when there is an issue (even if she’s not personally letting us all know, she makes sure someone does), to helping us pick up people and things we need.  She’s a great employee.

She is always willing to help.  She is always cheerful and she possesses great customer service skills.

Connie Golightly – NAC MRO

She has really stepped up and helped everyone out. She never turns down a chance to learn. She is eager to do well and anytime she struggles with anything or things go awry she makes a point to review everything as to not have problems with it in the future.  She is invaluable to our team and we couldn’t do everything we are doing without her back up. 

She  has been a wonderful addition to the team and is always willing to help anyone in need. She is a hard worker and I could not manage my account without her. She is a rock star. I know that not only myself but our whole team is grateful for all of her efforts assisting with accounts. 


She continues to be a positive impact for the team.  She’s great at learning new tasks and is always willing to help out.  On top of that, she’s just a great person all around and I enjoy working with her. 

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