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Welcome To The New Homepage

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Welcome to FSG Today. This website was created for you, the valued FSG employee. We designed it from the ground up with 3-criteria in mind.

  • Create a central place for company wide communication.
  • Revive the FSG Connections newsletter. 
  • Replace the intranet site that has been in place for many years.

FSG Today can be accessed from outside, or from within, the FSG Citrix network. It can be accessed from a Citrix terminal, any PC connected to the internet or even from a electronic mobile device that is connected to the internet.

Our Intranet Home Page

The new FSG Today website replaces the old intranet site. The primary function of the old site was to point you to a variety of resources. Those resources consisted of knowledge repositories (manuals, process guides, etc.), articles of interest, commonly used graphics, human resource information and documents, and other information related to being an FSG employee. In a nut shell, it linked the FSG employee to FSG information, see how to submit an article.

Don’t worry, all the links are still here. They have been recreated within FSG Today and done so with a clean and easy to navigate look.

Access and Security

Access level 1

The first has no access restrictions. Anyone with the address can open FSG Today’s public pages. Here you will see a variety of articles from around the company. These articles are submitted by FSG Employees and they showcase their branch’s people, projects and accomplishments.

You’ll also see other social blurbs like birthdays and prayer requests. You may also see some of our top performers from around the company being recognized.

The tabs across the top points you to community and industry news, a company directory and peer to peer discussions. The best way to know what all is there is to just dive in and start surfing.

Access level 2, username & password

At this level you will need to setup a user profile. To get started, ask your manager for logon information. Once inside you will need to change your username and password. A username and password will be required to access the following. 

Scoreboard data. FSG Today presents performance information from around the company. Information relating to corporate, branch, project, and individual performance. Some of this information relating to top performers may be available without a password. However, a larger view of the entire company’s performance will require a password.

Private articles. Articles are a big part of FSG Today. Most are available without a password. However, some articles may be of a sensitive nature and would not need to be made available to the public. These articles will require a password.

Documents. Specific documents will be made available to FSG employees. A good use of this feature is HR documents. For example, you may want to lookup information relating to healthcare benefits and then download a needed document. Many documents that benefit FSG employees are made available here. They will be found under the Directory and Links tab at the top. This will require a logon password to view them.

Access level 3, Citrix

The two levels discussed above do not require you to be inside our Citrix intranet to gain access. However, you can only access the FSG Resources Links if you access FSG Today from within Citrix. A password is not required here. Our security is achieved when you logged into Citrix. So after you log into Citrix, just open your web browser and key in www.fsgtd.com in your browser’s address. If FSG Today is not already set to your home page, now is a good time to do it.

If you have ideas on how to make this site better, please contact Jeff Blasdell or Brent Young.

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