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P2P – CAD 3D Design Capabilities

by Deon Snider

3D CAD Design… “Riding the wave of the future”

Many of the FSG markets are beginning to use 3D design to better identify and coordinate construction conflicts before they become a problem in the field.

When we consider the increasing costs associated with new construction, architects and engineers are continually attempting to cram more and more into less and less space.  3D Design has proved to be an enormous benefit to planning and managing large and congested buildings.

The Houston Branch has been using (Revit) 3D software on some of their more recent projects.  They are in the process of scheduling training for the Houston CAD department to equip all their designers with the knowledge and skills to be proficient in this cutting edge technology.  At the same time, we are working to capture this training so that it can be shared with all other CAD Designers through out the FSG team.   This is another benefit of promoting communication and best practices throughout the FSG community by using the power of P2P Collaborative meetings. 

It is simple to join a P2P group, if you are interested in participating in the P2P – CAD group, simply contact Deon or your Division Manager.  We will confirm that this is the right P2P for you and you will be added to the roster and start receiving email invitations for all future meetings.  It’s that easy!!!  

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