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by Deon Snider TD&C

“Our plans miscarry because they have no aim.  When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.”


FSG CAD Designers have made a tremendous impact on planning and coordinating our projects.  Their skill and expertise 


has greatly enhanced the way our jobs are planned and installed.  By using their unique talents and skills, along with software programs like Autocad and Revit 3D, the FSG CAD Design Engineers are able to take the original conceptual drawings from architects and engineers and integrate them into a well coordinated working plan.  Working closely with the field superintendent and project manager, FSG’s CAD Designers are able to not only coordinate installations with other trades while identifying potenital conflicts, but are also able to work with design architects and engineers to resolve design problems before construction begins.  Pre-construction design reduces unnecessary wasted cost and time that are caused by having to make changes after construction is in progress.  In addition to pre-construction services, the CAD Design Engineer is also able to work along side other FSG Salesmen and Project managers to produce complete Design Build drawings that are able to be submitted to City Planning Departments for permitting.  It is services like these, that the Facility Solution Group customers have come to appreciate and depend on. 

Not only is FSG’s Design and Engineering Service a huge benefit to our customers, it is also responsible for immeasurable savings for our construction projects.  Each time a conflict is identified during the design phase, it is resolved and corrections made before the PM and Superintendent begin mobilizing manpower and materials.   Cost and time savings are always critical factors for any construction project.  In today’s economy and markets, this pre-construction coordination can be the difference between “making or breaking” a job.   It was once said, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail”.  Trying to build a sizable project without the aid of FSG Design Engineers, (working in conjunction with the construction team), would be as treacherous as attempting to chart the waters of the vast oceans with incomplete maps, or compasses that have not been calibrated.   

These guys are “unsung heroes”, diligently working behind the scenes to make sure that those who are embarking on the journey of installing larger projects have the best maps to chart by.

To read about a few of the topics the P2P – CAD Design Engineers have been working on CLICK HERE, or navigate through the P2P Tab into the CAD section.

It is simple to join a P2P group, if you are interested in participating in the P2P – CAD group, simply contact Deon or your Division Manager.  We will confirm that this is the right P2P for you and you will be added to the roster and start receiving invitations for all future meetings.  It’s that easy!!!  


Schedule for future P2P – CAD Designers:

Tuesday November 8 at 10am (CDT)

Tuesday December 6 at 10am (CDT)

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