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P2P – Administrators

by Deon Snider TD&C 

“The ability to concentrate and to use our time well is everything if you want to succeed in business – or almost anywhere else for that matter.”

Lee Iacocca


I am amazed at the wide array of tasks and responsibilities our administrators handle.  Their ability to wear several hats and juggle countless tasks every day is nothing short of amazing.  Some are so proficient that they are able to change hats, shift gears, and accelerate into warp drive to handle the latest crisis, all while answering the phone and, not to mention, with someone else standing in their office needing altogether something different.  Most of the time with a smile on their face and willing “to do whatever it takes” to get the job done.  (emphasis on the “most of the time”).  While each branch is structured differently, it is common for the FSG Administrator to handle everything from Pay Roll to Accounts Payable, Billings to GL entries, Job Transfers to handling Human Resource issues, Work Order and Job Billings, etc…  Some even handle all posting for Job Budgets, Change Orders, and other “job” related transactions.  This does not even include filling in the gaps by handling time consuming tedious tasks that keep the branch functioning.  We all enjoy a level of sanity because of the hard work and diligence of our administrators.

Considering the multi-functional nature of this position, it is imperative that the FSG Administrator remain at the top of her game, current with the latest system changes, and proficient in all the “tricks of the trade”.   Efficiency and good time management skills are of the utmost importance.  

Our P2P – Administrator group has embraced the challenge of helping to keep Administrators up to date with the latest system changes, revised procedures, and the latest “tricks of the trade”.  We remain vigilant and sensitive to the needs of the Administrator and work hard to ensure that all who participate are kept current.  For some of the topics that we have previously discussed CLICK HERE, or navigate to the Peer to Peer Tab on the home page and go to the P2P – Administrator section. 

It is simple to join a P2P group, if you are interested in participating in the P2P – Administrator group, simply contact Deon or your Division Manager.  We will confirm that this is the right P2P for you and you will be signed up and start receiving invitations for all future meetings.  It’s that easy!!!  


Our schedule for upcoming P2P – Administrators is:


Monday November 7 at 3pm (CDT)

Monday December 5 at 3pm (CDT)

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