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40 Years of Contribution | Thank You, Steve Byrne!

As a co-founder of FSG, Steve Byrne has made it his mission to personify each principle in the FSG Vision and Mission Statement. He is a true leader, an infinite source of guidance, and a genuine friend to all. Steve understands that the sort of enrichment that makes life worthwhile comes from relationships made along the way. After 40 years of helping solidify FSG’s role in the world, we wish Steve the very best in his well-earned retirement.

When reflecting on his career, Steve feels immensely satisfied and grateful for the work that has occupied his heart and mind since 1982.

In the beginning, the focus was simply on making it to the next day.  Since those early years and throughout his career, however, Steve has maintained that same focus even when it was no longer a necessity.  When explaining his focus he refers to the FSG Constitution, saying the following idea has served him well:

“Success is not a permanent achievement, but always a worthwhile goal.”

FSG Constitution

Steve says that he has been blessed with meeting and working with many significant people throughout his career, and he acknowledges that he would not be where he is today without the Graham family.

“On the business front RHG Sr. and his sons, Bill and Bob Graham taught and influenced me and are the reasons I have been blessed with a career in lighting.”

Back in the day, when Steve began to oversee operations at American Light, he spent a significant amount of time with the branch managers.

“During the years I worked with the American Light branch managers, I was blessed by their camaraderie and support. Those guys made the days exciting and fun. I learned something from each of them.”

Later, when Steve played a pivotal role in the creation of the Customer Care Center and Mass Distribution Center in Dallas, Texas, he recalls, “I saw the people come together as a team, face new and demanding challenges, and always keep the customers and the work at hand as the focus.”

Throughout his life, a single guiding light has remained steadfast for Steve.

“I have always believed that my greatest counselor has been my wife, Peggy. Her unvarnished counsel has been the North Star for me,” Steve said of his loving and supportive wife. “Peggy’s love has sustained me. Her encouragement has lifted me. Her friendship has filled my life with comfort and joy.”

As Steve Byrne prepares for retirement, the entire FSG family would like to take a moment to honor his contributions.  We want to celebrate Steve and all of the wonderful memories and lessons he has shared with us over the past 40 years while helping to lead our company toward excellence.

Steve will remain a member of the FSG Board of Directors, but in his retirement he looks forward to a refreshing re-pacing of his life. He plans to devote his time to hobbies, including reading, cycling, baking, playing the guitar, and drawing. Most importantly, he is ecstatic to spend the majority of his time with his beloved family.

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Steve, we want to thank you for your positive demeanor, your wisdom, your dedication to the business, and most importantly your commitment to the people of FSG.  Your influence is felt every day. Join us in wishing Steve nothing but the best for the next chapter in his life. Good on ya, Steve!

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