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Adding Some Flair to Downtown Austin

SFA Hotel PurpleFSGE Austin was asked to look into repairing or replacing some cold cathode neon that borders the patio at the Stephen F Austin Hotel.

The patio sits one floor above street level overlooking Congress and 7th Avenue in downtown Austin. When Trey Eastwood first visited the site to see what could be done he thought color changing LED would greatly accent this historic building and become a real eye-catcher for anyone strolling the downtown area.

Hotel management was very impressed with the sample install and signed off on the project to replace all of the old cold cathode with LED.

front of SFAWith the first ever Formula One Race taking place in mid November they asked that the install be complete for the 300,000 estimated visitors to enjoy. The install was assigned to Jacob Eckert who worked diligently to get this completed, programmed, and functional a week ahead of schedule. The hotel is already planning on displaying different color schemes for different events and holidays throughout the year.

Great job to the guys who have made what will surely be a visual landmark for years to come at this historic building.



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