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New Jersey Branch Does First Turnkey Lighting And Solar Project

solar panels from NJFSGE14 has completed our first comprehensive energy project that included lighting, controls and solar generation.  While we have sold many lighting and HVAC projects, and have done several solar installations, this was the first project sold, supplied and installed by FSG NJ that included both lighting and solar.

Britannica Home Fashions, Inc. manufactures and markets home furnishings including sheet sets, quilts, coverlets, comforters, window panels, throws, decorative pillows, rugs, and other bedding accessories. Joseph Reuter (noe PA Branch Manager) sold them a lighting upgrade for their Brachburg NJ warehouse, which encompassed upgrading (90) 1000W metal halide high bay fixtures and (62) 2L F96T12 HO fixtures to (110) new 8 lamp T5HO high bays with occupancy sensors.  The project, which saved the customer over $26,000 a year, had a payback of just over 1 year after rebate.  More importantly it reduced the connected load at the facility by over 53KW.

After seeing their electric bills drop over 50% for several months in a row as promised, the customer came back to Joe for a proposal on a new rooftop solar energy solar panels from NJ2system.  With their load cut in half, a solar system suddenly become much more affordable.  FSG has entered into a teaming agreement with Renewable Power Inc. to deliver integrated energy efficiency services including energy efficiency and solar electric generation to FSG customers in the Northeast.  RPI has the ability to not only design and manage solar projects, but to bundle financing and provide Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) as well.

The new 107.2kW system will essentially provide all of the annual electricity consumed at the facility, thanks to the new reduced lighting load.  (442) 240W Conergy polycrystalline cell solar panels were mounded on the roof of the warehouse, and are anticipated to produce 132,234 kwh annually.   FSG Lighting supplied the solar panels, Solectria inverter, racking and clamps, as well as the high bay lights and occupancy sensors.  FSG Electric installed both the lighting and the inverter, and did all power connections.  Gordon Simpson, Project Manager for FSGE14 is solar certified in NJ and managed the project.

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