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FSGE24 Fights Back

fsg van with generatorIn the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, most of our once beautiful extremely sought after coast line has been wiped out. Entire Community’s have lost everything including some of our very own employees, but spirits are high and the feeling of strength and unity has never been greater!

Facility Solutions Group has been and continues to be a major player in the relief and recovery efforts here in the NY/NJ Metro area. Most of our man power and resources have been re-allocated towards the relief movement. Scott Dorsa and his team at Division 24 are on the job, mobilizing manpower day and night, round the clock to handle back up generation for school districts, hotels, and FEMA. FSGE 24 is worked closely with school officials to insure our shoreline districts were back up and running for Monday, Nov 12th. In a joint effort utilizing manpower from both service and construction divisions out of the New York and New Jersey branches, working together in unison we have risen to the top. We have been, and will continue to show our true colors, and display our values to the communities in need of help.generator
In a meeting with FEMA leaders, key personnel from FSGE24 were able to create a working relationship with their team to help the emergency efforts. We were able to organize assitance from FEMA in mobilizing and effectively executing our tasks. Fuel and supplies were supplied to us in time of need, and we are blessed and thankful for the combined efforts of our team and FEMA  to get things moving again.
Just as things seemed to be settling down, a 1 Meg Generator from another school installed by an IBEW firm failed, leaving that town and district with no place to send their children!  With only the one school left with power in the whole district, Island Park UFSD reached out to FSGE24 for help. Once again FSG was able to continue our streak of coming to the rescue! In a collaborative effort between FSGE24, FSGE14, Michael’s Electric Supply, RTS Trucking, Precision Services, FEMA,  Asset Group, and Island Park UFSD, FSGE24 was able to locate, transport, fuel, and connect a 2 meg Generator to the school and have them up and running again in 12 hours from the time of mobilization. FSGE24 Installed an emergency transformer provided by Michael’s early Sunday morning. Confirming the connections with our In house engineer from div 14 Rod Schwarz we were able to properly fire up the school with ease.
Facility Solutions Group has also come to the rescue here locally with “Share The Light”. Using this program we were able to provide funding and support to those members of our NY FSG family who were left totally devastated by the storm. These employees have expressed extreme gratitude to FSG for supporting them when they were down. Thanks to a quick decision by the Board, we were able to release funding to those employees for food, water, gasoline, and lodging.
In a statement released by a local school districts, Oceanside UFSD, and Island Park UFSD have paid tribute to FSG for all that we have been able to do in a short period of time. We also were able to enjoy many thanks from the folks over at the Hyatt hotel where we were able to restore power, and which is the FEMA team base camp here on Long Island.  We are stronger now more than ever, and our communities are thankful for our efforts. It was a pleasure to work with all these fine organizations getting these 2 school Districts up and running for a Tuesday Start Date. Without the help and care of any one of these firms none of this would have been made possible.We are deeply thankful for the combined efforts, resources, and prayers Facility Solutions Group provided NJ and NY throughout this difficult time.
Congratulations to all for a job well done ! 


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