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Announcing FSG Utility Services

utilityServicesBannerI’m pleased to announce a new division within the FSG family called FSG Utility Services.

 This division is lead by David Attardi who has been running utility programs for the past 5 years.  This division was set up with the intent to be the program administrative arm for utilities throughout the country.  The immediate focus is to respond to utility RFP’s centered around Direct Install Programs (DI) and meet with the energy efficiency directors for utilities throughout the country and help develop programs on the front end.  We now have a new page on the FSG website,    http://www.fsgi.com/fsg/energy/utility-services 


Our success in the north east has been administering and building over $100 million in (DI) programs for the past 10 years.  The list includes; In New Jersey a $25 million Municipal (DI); $24 million Small Business (DI); $4 million Carbon Abatement (DI) and currently working on $15 million Municipal (DI).  In Maryland, we are currently working on a $20 million Small Business (DI).  In New York, we ran a $5 million Small Business (DI) and we are currently working on $10 million Small Business (DI).

FSG’s advantage in running these programs has been driven from FSG’s core business, which has always been sales, IT, product and labor management.  The current utility administrators are typically engineers and are strong on the IT side, but lack all the other strengths that make for a successful program.  Our competitors are just beginning to develop ways to manage what we have been doing for years.

 If you have any questions or would like to know how to begin introducing FSG Utility Services to your utility, please call Dave Attardi at 732-826-6100 or extension 2882.    

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