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My Spiritual Journey, An FSG Team Member Contribution

sensible shoesThe following is an editorial contribution to the FSG Today website written by Anna Haviland of FSG Division 21 in Conshohocken PA. Thanks to Anna for being willing to share in order that others may be encouraged and uplifted.

“Write From the Heart”

My journey has recently taken me to a book called Sensible Shoes by Sharon Garlough Brown

Why am I sharing with you my journey, for I was made to sing until to whole world hears how great is God’s Love.

Singing is new and terrifying for me but I am going to step out of my comfort zone.  Once I finished reading this book my only thoughts were who I can share this amazing book with. Of course I thought of my friends and family but that wasn’t enough and so I thought my Facebook page and still that was not enough, and then FSG today entered my thoughts. So I contacted Brannon and asked if I could share this book on FSG Today. Brannon asked me to write an article and he thanked me for my willingness to share. I expressed to him that this whole idea was completely outside the box for me, and if he had some helpful hints on writing a good article. His words of advice to me were “write from the heart”.  

If you have a hard time letting go of control, trusting God, people-pleasing, perfectionism, hiding behind roles and busyness, fear, regret, guilt, and shame, or want to feel God’s Love, read this book.

Anna Haviland


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