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Congratulations on Your Retirement to Barbara Novak of FSG New Jersey!

The entire FSG Family would like to congratulate Barbara Novak on her upcoming retirement. Barbara has been a member of the FSG and O.K. Electric teams in New Jersey since 1979. A valued member of the team, Barbara was hired by Bernie Erickson, Sr. to work for Jack Nesti at O.K. Electric, where she was responsible for inputting material orders from Exxon.

When FSG acquired O.K. Electric and its New Jersey operations, Barbara was one of the O.K. Electric team members who stayed on and helped build FSG’s presence in the Northeast. Beginning with her earliest days at O.K. Electric and through all the years since, she has been a valuable piece of our Inside Sales team, where she has reliably handled material orders from various large accounts.

Barbara has always loved to share the fond memories she has made with colleagues and peers in this industry. When pressed to recall all-time favorite stories, she will cite O.K. Electric trade shows and the FSG Northeast Christmas party on the Seastreak ferry as some of her best times with her co-workers.

Among her most enduring contributions, Barbara has also helped train the next generation of inside sales reps for FSG New Jersey, ensuring that her legacy of proficiency and excellence continues into the future. She has always approached her role with the utmost professionalism and dedication and has set a high standard for customer service at FSG.

When asked about the Inside Sales team carrying on without her, Barbara replied, “They will be fine. It was a pleasure working with all of these girls. They will be missed.”

Barbara also added that it has been great working for Bernie Erickson, Jr, and Eric Erickson after she was hired by their father back in 1979.

People who have worked with Barbara over the years jumped at the chance to express the great joy they have had working with her, and how much she has meant to the organization:

“Barb is fierce in her execution. Bring her a challenge and she will meet the moment. Her reputation in the industry is well-known and she is well-regarded by her peers in Electrical Distribution. We are grateful to her for a lifetime of service and hard work.”
~ Eric Erickson, Northeast Distribution Center, FSG New Jersey

“Barbara is the last person left who has been here longer than me! I have known Barb since I started in this business, and have enjoyed the opportunity to work with her closely over my career. Her reputation for service and customer satisfaction was always the benchmark for others in customer service! Best of luck in retirement, Barb!”
~ Bernie Erickson, Chief Marketing Officer & Director of Innovation, FSG

“Barb has to be one of the nicest people I ever met! From the day I came to O.K. Electric from Atlantic Lighting, she was always there for me. No matter how busy she was, she always stopped to answer questions or help in any way. She has been an asset to our inside sales team and we will miss her more than words can express. I truly hope that she enjoys her retirement. I can honestly say that nothing at FSG will be the same without her!”
~ Terry Sherwood, Inside Sales, FSG New Jersey

“From the bottom of our hearts, we’re going to miss her. Having someone like her as a co-worker has been a real gift. Best wishes on her retirement!”
~ Amber Pryor, Inside Sales, FSG New Jersey

“Whenever my day was gloomy, I could always count on Barbara to make it brighter. She brings so much happiness into the inside sales office by simply being herself. She is full of knowledge and she made working with her so enjoyable. Barb was one of the first people to start teaching me the ropes when I started at FSG and I could not be more thankful for every interaction since then. She will truly be missed as a co-worker.”
~ Alyssa Cignarella, Inside Sales, FSG New Jersey

“It’s been a pleasure working with Barb over the years. She has a wealth of knowledge and a smile on her face every day. She will be greatly missed in the Inside Sales Department!”
~ Jessica Kondash, Inside Sales, FSG New Jersey

Congratulations, Barbara! Your service and dedication over the years have been greatly appreciated. We wish you all the best as you enter the next chapter of your life and hope that you’ll visit our new home in Manalapan, NJ.

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