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Congrats, Propel Grads!

We are proud to announce that 34 students graduated from Propel Career Academy last week. Propel Career Academy offers hands-on training and continuing education in electrical, welding, technology, and safety technology. Students are given the opportunity to work in the trade while learning the trade, so they can enter the job field with confidence and experience.

Twelve students graduated from the San Antonio division, nine from Austin, five from Houston, four from Dallas, two from Kansas, one from Indianapolis, and one from Chicago. Congratulations, graduates!!

Nathaniel Kevresian is one of many success stories from Propel Career Academy. Thanks to his decision to attend, Nathaniel transitioned from student to shop foreman in just three years. Watch the video below to learn more about his story and how Propel Career Academy propelled his career.

We believe in celebrating important moments in our employees’ lives. If you have a story about an employee or a project you’d like to see on FSG Resources, please share it! Whether it’s a personal achievement or a team accomplishment, we want to recognize and celebrate your successes. Reach out to Scott Delony, FSG Marketing Communications Manager, at [email protected] with stories, ideas, or questions!

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