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Bridging The Gap | FSG Phoenix

FSG’s Marketing and Communications and Human Resources departments continued in their venture of showing appreciation for the many branches that uniquely make up FSG. In mid-March, the teams found themselves rolling into Phoenix, fondly referred to as the Valley of the Sun.

The teams arrived at the Phoenix branch ready to divide and conquer, willing to offer their assistance, specifically focusing on marketing and recruiting.

Marcus Dunaway, FSG’s Marketing and Sales Support, reflected on the experience of meeting with the team face-to-face, having never met the Phoenix employees since his start with FSG in 2020. 

“Being able to sit with our team there and talk face to face about projects, customers, challenges, and opportunities was so much better than just a video call or e-mail conversation.  A lot can be accomplished during a scheduled call, but sometimes you only realize secondary questions you might have when you get the chance to sit down and have a real conversation.”

Marcus Dunaway

With a breakfast planned on the second day of their visit, the Marketing and HR teams scheduled time to listen to the Phoenix team, their backgrounds, their motivators, and their goals. Amanda read from the FSG Consitution, citing specifically the ideals that still remain true today. She was able to answer questions that had arisen during the Employee Engagement Survey. 

Stephanie Cone, FSG’s Guide Center Manager, was especially moved by one field employee who expressed his appreciation for the teams taking time to visit with the people within the Phoenix branch. He referenced past employers not showing nearly the same amount of gratitude and how much it truly meant.

Amanda Rogers, FSG’s HR Specialist, had one goal in mind: to ensure every FSG Phoenix employee knows how pertinent they are to the establishment. 

“We are determined to meet every single one of FSG’s 2,150 employees. We will keep showing up with breakfast or lunch, ready to express our gratitude to everyone there. We are here to demonstrate that the Corporate Office continuously supports every branch.”

Amanda Rogers
FSG Phoenix, Marketing and Communications, and HR teams at dinner

FSG’s Marketing and Communications and HR teams are dedicated to visiting as many branches as possible, bridging the gap between the Corporate office and the field employees while strengthening internal communication throughout the company.

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