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CCC Spotlight Awards Q2 2018

The Customer Care Center  (CCC) has announced their Spotlight Awards for the 2nd Quarter of 2018.

The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program which is voted on by the members of the CCC. The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide a great customer experience for our clients around the country.

Our winners and nominees for Q2, 2018 are:


Todd Treadway (FSGE – Austin) – The BEST FSG tech I have ever worked with. He is a joy to work with and is always focused on working as a team. He never balks when we ask him to do extra work and he always does it with a smile. Working with him and Chip Seck on the Domain project has been wonderful. Great communication and great team work. I wish Todd was on every Simon renovation project!

Adriana Trevino (CCC Team 2) – She has been a great help whenever I have a question regarding NAC processes on National customers. Also she has an amazing attitude even under pressure. And she knows a whole lot about POIO and would be happy to explain it to anyone who asks at anytime. Adriana Trevino and Melissa Ocanas have been great team players and have helped a great deal with the NAC MRO orders and processes.

Jerry Cassel (Current by GE) – Jerry was working from his vacation to help us correct an error for a Gold’s Gym issue. The fixtures we originally ordered were short the correct mounting kit. He stopped what he was doing & spent the better part of a Friday working magic for an over night Saturday morning delivery. He ended up eating the freight as a courtesy. I was very impressed with his diligence & he made us look like heroes.

Olivia Gonzales (CCC Team 3) – Even though she is technically the newbie of her team she made sure to take care of all the work that come through while Tara was out for her wedding and she did great!  She’s a natural leader! Olivia is a true bright spot! She takes on anything and everything head on.

Johnny Carranza (Juno) – Johnny is always willing to help with anything. He is very quick to respond and if he doesn’t have an answer he will always get one for you. Johnny is consistently one of the better vendor customer service people we deal with on a daily basis.  Always quick to get back to us, will go the extra mile to get us answers, and is always a great resource for our team.

Isaiah Ramdeen (CCC Team 5) – Isaiah is a go getter. Eager to learn and take on new challenges. He stepped in when team members were out and did his best to solve any problems that came up and were thrown his way. Isaiah has gone from assisting with the management of projects to managing them on his own. He continues to grow in his role by adding real value to our team and most importantly to FSG. He continues to be a rising star!


Tom Oliver (Acuity) — He has been assisting me with a Plaza Carolina issue for the past two weeks. His patience and product knowledge are incredible. It is always a joy to work with a vendor who really takes their time to not only help you resolve an issue, but teaches you about the products and options available along the way.

Cecil Chavez (CCC Team 2) – He’s always willing to lend a hand and is a great coworker.  If I ever have a question or need advice on how to handle a work issue he’s the one I like to brainstorm with so we can come up with solutions. He’s also always asking if I or anyone else on the team needs help with anything and he’s eager to learn more every day.

Bobby Davis (MDC 930) – Bobby always takes time to reach out about any of my orders. Especially if there are any damages or shortages  This helps me a lot  with Site Stuff. It’s always nice to hear from him,.  Great attitude!

Shawn Marshall (NAC Team 7) – He is great at over-communicating and making sure he is giving me all of the information I need for a ton of warranties we’ve been working on.

Hannah Holloway (CCC Team 5) – The girl steps up big time to help cover when the team is short handed. She continually gets out of her comfort zone, grabs the bull by the horns, and does what needs to be done with the most positive attitude. I am extremely proud of her growth.

Christine Herrada (MDC 930) – She’s always willing to go the extra step and is quick to respond. She’s made freight shipments so much easier with the info that she includes in the freight list. It’s an extra step for her, but it makes a huge difference when you need to provide pallet counts or extra info to your customer before shipping. She also is quick to reply to emails, which is always a plus.

Tanja Connell (ATR Lighting) – Tanja and the team at ATR have always been very helpful with anything I need.  They go out of their way to find product.  Very pleasant to work with.  Great attitudes and very professional.  Tanja is always incredibly efficient and will always assist in finding what I need if no one has it. She is dependable and quick with her assistance. I always enjoy working with her.

Connie Golightly and Nikki Myrick (CCC Team 1) — They helped me out greatly when I had a vacation day. It is always great to know your team has your back. We received 8 projects the day before I was to be out and they completed all of the submittals so we could get them all moving quickly as soon as I got back. Fantastic teammates.

Vikki Murray (LSI) — She’s been a big help with Burlington Coat Factory.  She has mad customer service skills!

Erik Berthelsen (Corp AR) – Erik works hard to ensure releases are taken care of quickly and efficiently. His thoroughness in making sure everything is handled properly and correctly is always appreciated and while I’m sure his life would be easier with less emails from me I know when I hear back from him that everything has been done right.

Lori Graham (CCC Team 5) – Lori has been a wonderful addition to our team and has taken on every challenge with grace. Her want to learn and willingness to help have been a blessing.  

Chad Weber (Red Leonard) – He goes above and beyond to assure that Circle K orders are correct and shipped on time.

Debbie West (MDC 930) — She is always there to help with every problem.  Debbie is an obvious rock star. She will do whatever it takes to hunt down the answer – whether that’s digging through OE notes or going out into the warehouse and counting things by hand. I SO appreciate everything that she does.

Rachel Booth (CCC Team 4) – Rachel is always on point and she is always willing to help with anything you throw at her. She has stepped up to her new role as Team Lead with a plan that she continues to execute with purpose. She is very hands on with a “Can Do” attitude. She continues to work daily with each member of her team. She has a goal for each of us and a plan for each of us to reach those goals. Her attention to detail and knowledge of all things FSG is a great example of what a team needs to succeed.

Donny Yeh (Green Creative) –  Donny is always quick to respond to emails. Always helps when we have more info to give our customers. With great reps like these it sure does make it easier to speak with a customer in detail – many thanks!!

Sherry Leonard (Philips) – She went above and beyond to help make a deadline. She is an extremely good communicator and kept me up to date on everything! Anytime I’ve e-mailed her I’ve gotten a response back quickly. She is awesome!

Tara Visker (CCC Team 3) – Tara is a DEFINITE bright spot, she is extremely dedicated to what she does and thorough in everything she takes on. She has done a great job as a team leader. She is very thorough in teaching us the accounts and her knowledge of the accounts is remarkable.  Her drive to do her best makes all of us on her team strive to become our best.

Albert Fuentez (FSGL Houston) – Albert is always ready to help, if it is an order that needs to go out, a cancellation or whatever it is he will take care of it and let you know it is done.

Randy Sounakhen (FSGL Kansas City) – Randy is a go-to guy and will always let you know if something is wrong, will do what he can to help. He is like a little Superman.

Margaret Richardson (CCC Team 5) – She has taken her leadership role seriously and does a great job leading our team as a whole and each of us as individuals. FSG needs more leaders like her. She knows how to do everything our team does and is always willing to help.

David Myrick (Kelvix/Volt) – The guy always responds super quick and is super helpful especially when I am in a pickle. He is knowledgeable on his product and is a great resource!




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