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CCC Spotlight Awards Q2 2019

The Customer Care Center (CCC) has announced their Spotlight Awards for the 2nd Quarter of 2019.

The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program which is voted on by the members of the CCC.  The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide a great customer experience for our clients around the country.

Our winners and nominees for Q2, 2019 are: 


Mia Ferguson (Solutions Team) – Mia was working on 3 accounts when one of our project managers left the company.  They were in a bit of disarray, but Mia had everything that we needed to be able to pick up the ball and continue to take care of the customer.  She has made herself readily available to us when we needed her and really came through in the clutch.  Her open and constructive feedback during that time was also valuable to help determine where some things fell off track.  She has also helped facilitate dialogue between one of our key vendors.  It has been a great example of what can happen when resources and heads come together.

Pete Swierczewski (CCC Team 1) – Pete is a great asset and fell right into the group like he had been here the whole time.  He takes everything he’s given with a grin on his face and always asking for more. He is always so willing to help and so very polite.

GE Simon Support Team (John Koster, Sandra Nosco, Sarah Chancanaca)  – John has been an amazing example of a manufacturer rep who will do anything needed to assist in providing the best solutions to our customers.  He has been a key player in the development and execution of the Simon “Fast 47” projects.  He ensures all projects are installed and programmed smoothly from start to finish.  Any issue that has come up concerning material shipments or specifications he is quick to react and correct.  A great person to have on our side.

I can’t even begin to describe how helpful John has been, and continues to be, with the Simon projects, especially the Fast 47.  He’s been very responsive with service.  He’s resolved issues quickly.  He’s helped expedite numerous things to ensure our customers get taken care of, and, thus, has helped us look good in front of Simon.  John is always on top of his game, knows what’s going on, and has been an instrumental partner with FSG.

Sandra is always very quick to answer any questions or is on top of her team to make sure that the orders for this customer are processed and communication is sent out.  I hardly ever have to follow up with her on any requests and this is much appreciated!

Sarah Chacanaca has been instrumental in elevating the level of customer service that we have received from GE.  She is quick to respond, thorough with her answers, and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure things are taken care of properly.

Christine Herrada (MDC930) – Always is so quick to assist with anything I may need concerning freight.  Not only is she responsive, but she is also a pleasure to work with.

She and all of MDC930 work so hard to make sure we stay on schedule…. And Christine has helped me out of a jam on a few occasions.

She does whatever it takes to get the job done.  Always willing to help and go the extra mile.

Alex Alarcon (CCC Team 5) – This was unanimous from the whole team!  His positive attitude makes even the hard days enjoyable.  He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to the system.  He has been a reliable resource for the entire team.  He handles everything that we throw at him, and always steps in to help solve any JPMC issue.  He provides timely and continuous updates to the customers, always keeping them informed on the exact status of their orders.  Since joining our team he has proven to be a significant player.  He was the perfect fit to our team, and we all could not be happier to have him on board!



Kevin Tran (MDC930) – He is always so helpful with any aspect of doing returns.  He is very prompt in sending call tags and answering any question or making me aware of a problem with a return so that corrections can be made.

Diana Gonzalez (CCC Team 1) – Always so quick to help whenever needed.   She is always amazing support and is a font of information when someone needs help figuring out situations they haven’t encountered before.

Tara Visker (CCC Team 3) – She has done a great job as a team leader.  She is very thorough in teaching us accounts and her knowledge of the accounts is remarkable.  Her drive to do her best makes everyone on our team want to strive to become our best as well!

Chris Dembosz (MDC970) and Andrew Wimmer (Logistics Mgr) –  Both of them have been such a tremendous help in getting the Montreal Premium Outlets job taken care of, especially with such short notice from the vendors that wouldn’t ship to Canada.  I’m sure MDC is full, but Chris did not refuse the material going there.  And he got it out quickly, and on its way to the customer.  Without his help, we’d probably still be trying to figure out what to do with all those fixtures.  Andrew knew exactly what to do to get the material there, and broke it down to the easiest way possible:  to where I literally only needed to copy and paste it.  They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Melissa Ocanas (CCC Team 2) – She is a hard worker and dedicated to helping where she can.  She truly cares about her coworkers and the culture of FSG.  Her ability to jump on a problem and provide suggestions for improvements is amazing.

Forrest Sprague (MDC 930) – He is on top of his game over there at the MDC!  He communicates well and in a timely manner and is always willing to help in any way that he can.  He is an awesome team player.

Megan Wheeldon (CCC Team 3) – Since joining our team, she has been very helpful helping us learn the materials and processes of SBUX.  Even though I as her the same questions (men tend to forget things J), she has no problem helping where she can!

Courtney Mitchell (CCC Team 2) – She jumped in and covered for me when I got sick last week.  Took the bull by the horns and ran with it.  I really appreciate all the help she gave me last week. Super Thankful!

Chad Weber (RLA) – He is always there when I need something for Cree, and is a big part of the Circle K job process.

Marilyn Schauer (CCC Team 1) – She is a great team player and works so hard to get one of our toughest customers exactly what they need in a timely fashion.  She always has a positive attitude and is will to answer any and all questions.

Scott Davis & Miguel Figueroa (FSGE15) – They helped me get an important order shipped that came to us late in the afternoon, on a day right before a holiday.  On top of staying late to help with this order, UPS had already picked up for the day so they went the extra mile by personally dropping the order off at UPS to ensure that it was able to still ship.  By doing so, they both really contributed to the level of customer service that FSG was able to provide.  I believe their actions speak to their level of commitment and integrity we all hope to carry, especially since it was for a customer they don’t typically deal with directly.  Good to know we can count on other branches when we really need it!

Cecil Chavez (CCC Team 2) – He always steps in to help when needed.

Natalia Reshetnikova (Delta Light Belgium) – Natalia has been a huge help with the material from Delta for the Chicago Roastery.  She has gone above and beyond to ensure that I have all of the information needed on ship dates, packing slips, and tracking for this project.  She has assisted in explaining material, their procedures, and ensuring that all of the material ordered was correct, even down to the counts.  I feel as though if we didn’t have her on the Delta Light end of things, this project would not be going as smoothly.

Olivia Gonzales (CCC Team 3) – She has been a huge help with BBI’s success on our team.  She has helped me learn the ins and outs of the special requirements of this customer.  She always jumps in to help with a constant smile when asked and she shows you how to do something, not just handle the task on her own.





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