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FSG Teams Up to Reach the Next Generation

Efforts to align FSG’s NCCER accredited Apprenticeship Program continue! 

UNION, NEW JERSEY — Recently, a dynamic team came together to represent FSG at the Lincoln Tech Career & Technical Education (CTE) Career Fair in Union, New Jersey, and included Perth Amboy’s Electrical Superintendent, Nicholas Geller, HR Administrator, Jarysel Miller, Lynbrook’s Construction Manager, Douglas Tripodo, Electrical Superintendent, Joe Canella, and Corporate’s HR Talent Acquisition Specialist, Amanda Rogers. 

(Photo: FSG is set up & ready for students to learn more about FSG career opportunities).

Lincoln Tech, an accredited NCCER program that graduates hundreds of students annually, informed us that they have never had an industry partner like FSG reach out to them. FSG’s team seized the opportunity and were able to capture the attention and interest of students and educators. “The students were reactive and showed great interest in FSG. I believe, collectively, we left a really strong impression on them, not only with the students but with the staff as well,” said Jarysel Miller after the event. 

It gave everyone a better understanding of what FSG can do as a company to reach out to schools but also individual students. Electrical Superintendent, Nicholas Geller, said, “I enjoyed explaining to the kids about the different kinds of electrical fields they could enter into such as lighting, service, and electrical construction. All fields require different skill sets – one person cannot do all three. They seemed to think electric was just one field.”  

Both Doug and Joe from FSG Lynbrook also left excited and wanting to know more about these types of recruitment opportunities and how to attend more in the future. 

(Photo: Students at Lincoln Tech learning more about FSG’s career opportunities. (left) Labor Manager for FSG Perth Amboy, Nicholas Geller and (right) Human Resources Administrator, Jarysel Miller).

For more information on Lincoln Tech and the various locations across the country, visit their website https://www.lincolntech.edu/. To learn more about the Union, New Jersey, location you can go here www.lincolntech.edu/campus/union-nj.  


DALLAS, TEXAS — FSG Dallas-Fort Worth is engaging local high schools, colleges, and organizations such as NextOp (nextopvets.org) for recruiting talent. NextOp’s mission is to recruit, train, and place high-performing middle-enlisted military leaders into industry careers. FSG hosted its first on-site event that took place in their training center at their Dallas location.  

Dallas’ Marketing and Communications Manager, Kim Bowser, opened the event with a presentation on the history of the company, how to get a Texas’ Apprentice License, and the many career opportunities available at FSG. General Superintendent, Donnie Elmore, and Human Resources Manager, Doug Sturdivant, attended the event while sharing industry insights like the many avenues an electrical career with FSG can provide.  The pair also answered questions and conducted on-site interviews with candidates.  

Future events with NextOp are in the works for San Antonio and Houston, Houston being NextOp’s base of operations. Hiring veterans is an amazing opportunity for both FSG and veterans and we encourage branches to engage their veteran populations. 

Finally, all of this is not possible without the efforts of people at the FSG branches who want to take these opportunities and run with them with as much support as possible from Corporate HR. 

If anyone is interested in attending a career fair, hosting an event, or have another great idea to keep up these types of partnerships, the sky is the limit. For guidance about on-site recruiting events, more information on these types of events, or help to figure out where to start– reach out to HR’s Amanda Rogers ([email protected]).

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