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CCC Spotlight Awards Q3 2019

The Customer Care Center (CCC) has announced their Spotlight Awards for the 3rd  Quarter of 2019. The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program that is voted on by the members of the CCC.  The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide a great customer experience for our clients around the country.

Our winners and nominees for Q3, 2019 are:


Tammie Taylor (Starbucks Construction Rep, Chicago Roastery) – Tammie has been a true partner throughout the Chicago Roastery project.  We have been working on the project since January 2019 and she has been nothing but amazing. There have been a lot of bumps in the road during this project and no matter the issue she is always so very positive. She is always willing and able to find answers to all of my crazy questions. She has been a real pleasure to work with.

Bobby Graham (NAC Outside Sales) – He is one amazing individual. Regardless of the request, he is willing to work all angles to find the best solution. No matter the stress is always cool and calm under pressure. He is always available to work through any problem. All in all, getting to work with him has allowed me to see where I can improve as a worker/employee here at FSG.

JPMC Retail Team (MDC970) – Jason Dembosz, Chris Laino, Mike Doody, and Nick Romano all deserve a huge amount of credit for the success of the JPMC Retail relationship.  The project has been crazy from the start in terms of volume of material and number and frequency of last-minute changes.  They have handled them all with a great attitude and spirit of service and cooperation.  Amazing performance by those guys.  They have made an incredible impact!

Stacy Gerlach (CCC Team 4) – Stacy has taken on new challenges and handles them all very well.  She has become an incredibly important member and a primary contributor to CCC4 success.  She always goes above & beyond helping out with a positive attitude. She genuinely cares about delivering excellent quality work. She truly deserves recognition for her hard work.

Paul Fiedler (Corp IC Team) – Paul’s expertise in managing material enabled us to be successful with the very demanding and difficult JPMC Retail project.  He handled buying all the JPMC material, which has made our jobs drastically easier and we so appreciate his help greatly!!  Paul (along with teammates Randy Billman and Javier Rodriguez) were also instrumental in keeping the right material flowing to enable success on the very time-sensitive Starbucks re-lamp project for 2019. Outstanding performance by Paul and the entire IC team!


MDC930 (The Entire Crew!) – All I can say is they are total rock stars for all of the work they put into moving to the new location. Not only does it look amazing, but they did not skip a beat when it came to getting back to business as usual. The finished product is incredibly impressive. They make FSG look good. All credit goes to an amazing team.  They moved an entire warehouse in what felt like the middle of the night. I don’t think anyone would have noticed had we not told them it was happening. They deserve a huge kudos for their hard work.

Chris Dembosz (MDC970) – I always nominate him but there is a good reason, he always goes above and beyond. He helped us out in a bind by taking a package to a local Fed Ex for pick up after hours. That is just one example. He is also a fantastic communicator and is always willing to help a customer no matter what it takes.

Daniel Thomas (CCC Team 1) – His performance goes without saying; there’s a reason he was recognized as the top performer.  But I would nominate him for the Spotlight for other reasons.  He made the transition from Simon to Burlington much easier than I had expected.  And on top of all this, what always sticks out in my mind is his patience and humility.  Not once did I notice him lose his patience with someone new who is learning the Burlington account.  I’ve never seen him get frustrated or irritated; he was always more than happy to pass on his knowledge and experience.  

Erik Berthelsen (Corp AR) – He is always on top of things and brings an exuberant attitude to his work. His emails are always good for a laugh and his quick responses make everything run smoothly when I’m trying to move things along. 

Christine Enderle (Phoenix Outside Sales) – She’s always pleasant to talk to and when I need additional information and help, she is always willing to help.  She’s such a great teammate and partner. 

Andrea Alvarez (MDC930) – She’s very quick to respond back to my request and is always very helpful.

Ricky Sipes (CCC Team 3) – He’s a key contributor to our team. Continues to step up to the challenges presented while maintaining a positive attitude. 

Andrew Wimmer (FSG Logistics Manager) – Andrew is my go-to person for any international logistical problems. He not only provides the best solution but also provides me with information that helps me perform my job better. Having Andrew is a great resource for everyone and especially me since I deal with shipping materials internationally. 

Debbie West (MDC930) – She has been very helpful with not only me but several people on my team.  She is my go-to for all things Trend, for all goofs and help.  She is VERY patient and explains things thoroughly and with a sweet tone of voice every time I call. I am sure she would rather not have to explain how to process a CS or untender it for the 20th time, but she does and acts as though it is the 1st time I have asked. 

Tara Visker (CCC Team 3) – She has done a great job as a team lead.  Tara’s knowledge of the accounts is remarkable and her drive to do her best makes everyone on her team strive to become our best.   

Michelle Harrison (Candela) – she is so quick to respond to any request I send her. She is a person I can go to to help me cross difficult items that are no longer available without delay. We had an order get lost that I didn’t enter (it was sent by our buyer) so it wasn’t sent over to her to enter but the material got lost in transit and she never stopped helping me until we got it resolved. She is amazing!

Lindsey Whisler (CCC Team 1) – She is a terrific team lead.  Always very helpful and very supportive of the rest of the team. I feel that I can go to her with any question or problem as she is always ready to help out so we can get the customer taken care of.

Suzanne Rodriguez (Empire) – Suzanne works with us on MRD and has held the project together. She keeps up with all of the moving parts very well & is definitely an ally for us when dealing with the manufacturer. The project started out a little rocky but we’ve gotten into a nice flow and are looking forward to what the future holds for the project. 

Frank Torti (FSGL30) – You can always go to Frank with tough to find needs and he is always willing to help you with that request.

Daniel Tran (CCC Team 3) – He’s a great asset to our team and always has a positive attitude.

Chuck North (MDC930) – Does a good job of keeping you in the loop with receiving issues and keeps you informed with problems that come up.

Cecil Chavez (CCC Team 2) – Always finds time to assist and answer any questions no matter how busy he may be. Very hard worker and a great team player. Amazing attitude, always joking around and bringing a smile to everyone’s face.  

Randy Sounakhen (FSGL11) – He responds quickly to my emails & phone calls. He is always willing to help.

Christine Herrada (MDC930) – She does an excellent job of maintaining the freight report and communicating any foreseeable issues before they become issues.  She’s always very helpful on the 930change email. Quick to answer with “got it” and a can-do response, she always goes beyond to help secure orders.  Her freight report is helpful and she can be counted on!  She’s always on top of her freight schedule and it makes it easy to know the status of my projects.

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