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Merry Christmas from FSG!

This year at Christmas, we are especially thankful for the people who make up FSG, and for the institution we are building together.

As we approach our 40th anniversary year in 2022, we can’t help but think back on all the people who have joined us on the journey of taking what was once a humble start-up venture and transforming it into a powerful force for good, into an institution built on timeless principles.

First among the main ideas expressed in our Mission Statement is the commitment to willingly contribute to the quality of life of all FSG employees, customers, vendors, and the general community, specifically through our good, unselfish works of service that originate in pure hearts seeking to honor God and His desire. We have always embraced this concept in good faith, believing that it was the right thing to do, and simply wanting to do the right thing.

What we have come to understand, however, is how directly our mission has supported the growth of an institution.

It is impossible to look back without acknowledging the multitude of lessons learned over the years.  Perhaps the most important lesson of all involves fully appreciating that it is the people of FSG who bring our mission to life, and in the process build the institution we are so proud of today.

What we only felt before we see clearly now.  

When we build and maintain strong relationships – strong connections – with our employees, we join together and step out in support of a common mission.

When our team grows and is united in working together to accomplish this mission, we build an institution that supports families and communities not just today, but for generations to come.

So everything is connected, the people of FSG, the mission we share, and the institution we have built over the last 40 years.  

Today, we want to honor that beautiful truth with a Christmas Message to remind you what we value most – the people and relationships within and all around FSG.

Merry Christmas!

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