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Humans Of FSG | Troy Boscia

Perseverance is a characteristic often accompanied by prosperity, for in order to prosper one must not be deterred by hardships. It takes a unique individual to look beyond the roadblocks and envision the future success they are capable of. 

Troy Boscia

The sluggard craves and gets nothing done, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.

(Proverbs 13:4)

FSG’s desire to be the best drives the company to quickly take up opportunities to expand into new markets. With locations all over the nation, FSG found itself missing a major opportunity. 

Troy Boscia, FSG’s Las Vegas Division’s Vice President, is a Colorado native with an attitude incapable of allowing failure. Inspired by his brother, Troy started working as an electrician, earning his Journeyman Electrician’s license in 1996. Determined to settle for nothing less than what he had his eyes set on, he quickly advanced to District Manager at Commercial Lighting in Denver.

Troy joined the FSG family as a result of FSG’s acquisition of Commercial Lighting and Lightbulb Supply in 2008. He recalls the first couple of years being a period of transition as FSG navigated the process of merging two independent companies and helping them find a home within the FSG culture. Additionally, FSG needed to be introduced to Denver, a metro area into which the company had not yet ventured. With the acquisition occurring shortly before the 2008 market crash, retaining and gaining new customers became increasingly difficult. Undeterred by the unexpected adversity, Troy continued to work to build the business, fully aware that his efforts might not bear fruit immediately.

As the state of the economy recovered, Troy’s determination to continuously improve his skills and practices resulted in his promotion to Market Director of the newly-formed Colorado branch in 2013. Troy understood what it took to build, maintain, and grow a successful operation as he helped cultivate a positive reputation for the Rocky Mountain branch. 

Living in the Colorado mountains for most of his life had turned Troy against the idea of living with brutal winters year after year. He found the climate to be limiting, and as a result, he dreamed of a life that lacked months of slippery roads and frozen winds. It was time for a migration to the land of the lucky with its warm temperatures, and as he put it, where one could “work through the heat.”  

Regardless of physical location, Troy feels most at home when he is being challenged. He approached Bill Graham, FSG’s Founder and CEO, with an opportunity to expand the company’s operations into Nevada. For a year, Troy began to investigate the market in Las Vegas, further understanding how FSG’s superior service would flourish in the area. In February of 2019, Troy and his wife Suzanne moved their family to Las Vegas on a new business venture.

In order to grow his team in Las Vegas, Boscia first had to obtain a Contractor’s License and Master Electrician’s License in the state of Nevada. In the months prior to receiving the credentials, he began upgrading his office space. Making his first sale out of Las Vegas to the owners of the building, he outfitted the entire facility with upgraded lighting and power on his own with the help of an electrical apprentice. It was not until October 2019 that he finally obtained the Contractor’s License. He felt as though 2020 was going to be a year defined by growth and opportunity.

Unfortunately, the rapid spread of COVID-19 disrupted every aspect of the blossoming business. Boscia’s optimism and support from his family served as a motivator during times of wavering uncertainty. As opposed to dwelling on what was not going right for him, he viewed this period as a time to restructure. 

Troy’s main priority moving forward would be to deliver more than what his customers wanted from their investments in FSG. With the aid of his wife Suzanne and salesperson Rodney Ezelle, Troy molded and edited every aspect of his division’s operation. His focus was now split between management in the office and working face-to-face with the customer in the field. 

With a still-growing team, Troy understands his role as Division Vice President means near nothing when there is work to be done. Between meeting face to face with potential clients and rearranging the warehouse, he is prepared to face the hurdles that will undoubtedly arise. 

A key driver in Boscia’s ongoing success is not only his experience in the industry but his ability to pay what he has learned forward in ways that every member of the team can comprehend. His open-door policy exemplifies the FSG familial culture, highlighting his desire to be available to his team and his customers at all times. 

Boscia instills his work ethic in those around him, showing that the success of the company is dependent on a team effort. He is aware of what his branch is capable of and is forthright when expressing this to his customers. 

The “Boscia Protocol” involves maintaining honest communication with all parties, while understanding that the most important aspects of any business decision include the customer’s time as well as the growth of FSG’s integrity.

Boscia’s inherent work ethic is present in everything he is passionate about. Whether it is his work, his hobbies, or spending time with his family, Boscia’s focus is always on the present, and on the task in front of him. One hobby, in particular, is his tradition of decorating his house for Christmas. As one may expect, Boscia’s inherent dedication extends to his Christmas decorating. Not satisfied with a single string of lights, he outfits his entire home to be the unbeatable main attraction of the neighborhood.

Troy Boscia’s house in Las Vegas, 2021

In Denver, he would routinely attract lines of cars, as people would come from across the metroplex to show their out-of-town visitors the holiday spectacle that Troy had constructed once again each year. This annual effort does not emerge simply from his love of Christmas, but rather, from how much joy he receives from seeing the happiness his efforts bring to those around him. 

His adoration for the holiday comes from his grandmother, Jean Brown. She had a true love of Christmas, so much so that her name is synonymous with the holiday in the Boscia family. Growing up nearby, Troy and his grandmother had a very close relationship. He reminisces about going to her house for lunch during school, often indulging in her favorite meal, pizza and fried chicken. Sadly, years ago while surrounded by her entire family, Jean passed away on Christmas Day. The last meal she shared with her family consisted of none other than pizza and fried chicken! With the association of his grandmother’s death to the holiday, Troy took a hiatus from the Christmas light display because celebrating did not feel the same without her. 

It was not until after his youngest daughter was born that his wife encouraged him to pick the tradition up again. When he did, the effort this time around gained the attention of ABC’s holiday program, “The Great Christmas Light Show.” However, he politely declined to take part due to a conflict of interest in being an elected official on the Board of Education. 

Troy Boscia’s house in Denver, 2015

At work and at home, Boscia sees a chance to prove himself with each new task. His intentional mindset allows him to build unique relationships with everyone he encounters, friends and customers alike. He demonstrates his value by being readily available to assist his employees and customers whenever they call upon him. Boscia’s hopes for the future include growing FSG’s Las Vegas business to include tenant build-out work, while continuing to serve the community with lighting distribution, installation, and electrical service. He is confident that when people decide to update their facilities, they will turn to FSG because of FSG’s caring demeanor and unmatched expertise.

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