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Vicente Lebron Imagined It Possible

Congratulations to Vicente Lebron for being Propel Career Academy’s first student to graduate from the four-year apprenticeship program. Working as an Apprentice Electrician, Vicente quickly understood that furthering his knowledge of the electrical industry would be the first step in advancing his career. Prior to the existence of Propel, Vicente was eager to begin the adventure as he enrolled in ABC’s electrical apprenticeship program in the fall of 2017.

Left to right: Rafael Brambila and Vicente Lebron

With an inherent drive to succeed, Vicente did not allow his laborious load to burden him. Between raising a family, working full-time, and attending school, his constant motivator was the outcome of providing a better future for himself and his family in a field he was truly passionate about. At times, the stress of working overtime in the field and the impending deadlines became overwhelming. However, whenever these feelings of uncertainty or self-doubt arose, Vicente was quick to recall that the end result would make all the late nights worth it. 

“Propel Career Academy’s dedication to the student’s learning experience is what sets it apart from other apprenticeship programs,” says Vicente. He acknowledges that his teachers, Frank Hemp and Rafael Brambila, were with him during every step of the process, ensuring the material taught was easily understood by the students. Beyond that, they empowered Vicente to persevere when things became difficult.

Vicente is busy preparing to take the Journeyman Electrician exam in January. He is working closely with his teachers by reviewing the Journeyman Prep Course, learning to navigate the codebook, so that he passes with ease. 

For those looking to excel in their career in the electrical industry, Vicente advises investing in yourself. “I am so grateful to FSG for providing this program to its employees because it is proof that it is in your best interest to better yourself. I am proud of my accomplishments and cannot wait to see what my career looks like as a licensed Journeyman.”

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