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Customer Care and MDC Spotlight Awards, Q1

The Customer Care Center (CCC) is proud to announce their Spotlight Awards for the 1st Quarter of 2016!

The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program which is voted on by the members of the CCC (which includes NACMRO, Local MRO and NAC Lighting Projects teams). The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide great service to our customers around the country.

Without further ado, our winners for Q1 2016:

Adriana Trevino – NAC MRO“She truly has done a great job stepping in, and she does it with a great attitude and smile. I really enjoy working with her.”   “Amazing attitude, calm and cool. She handles challenges with aplomb.”  “She made the transition to team lead well and is doing her best to pick up on things and roll with the punches. The transition to her being a team lead felt effortless.” “Doing great in new role, and helping out a lot. She is really diving into new accounts and always helpful.”  “Besides being a great person and friend she has done a great job in her new role as team lead. She is always willing to help with any questions and she always has a smile on her face.” “Adriana was the right choice for team lead. She has settled into her new position well and picked up on things quickly.” “I am so proud of Adriana in how she stepped into the team lead role. Transitioning from a peer to a lead position is not easy and she handled it with epitome of professionalism.” “I vote for Adriana Trevino. Not only is she very helpful to her customers, but also to her colleagues. If anyone ever seems to be down she is always there to talk to!”

 PaMee Vang – MDC 930 “I would like to nominate PaMee Vang from MDC 930. She always has a positive attitude and has stepped into yet another new role.”“I would like to vote for PaMee. She has been a great help in the past month. There have been multiple times that a sales rep has needed something done quickly and at the last minute. She is willing to jump in to make it happen without any hesitation.” “PaMee is always ready and willing to do anything required to make sure we’re getting our stuff out on time. Always happy to help and great on the phone.”

Wendy Peeples – Corporate AR “I’ll second this one. Q1 has seemed to be easier with Wendy Peeples helping us out with daily stuff. Very good response times.” “Wendy Peeples is always super fast in her responses, and has been really helpful with CNL.” “Wendy Peeples is super helpful and really seems to be on top of it. She is always ready and willing to help, with anything. It’s the little things, like if I request an -00 to be released, but not an -01, she will ask about the -01. It’s really helpful to know other people are putting the extra thought into what they are doing.” “I think Wendy Peeples has been a great help this quarter.”

Margaret Richardson – Lighting Projects “I nominate Margaret. She has done a great job of tackling the BBI account and handling what is thrown her way. She takes charge and keeps us organized as a team, and she never complains about anything that she has going on.” “Margaret is a true team player and a great asset. She always has a great attitude and offers a helping hand with no hesitation. She is amazing.” “Margaret is a team player and always willing to jump in. It is pleasure to work with her.”

Ashley Tharp – Corporate AR “Ashley’s amazingly detailed and painstaking work on the Tilly’s account (and others) have resulted in FSG receiving payments for many long past due invoices.” “She is always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. She spends countless hours doing what many simply won’t do.” “She is a great example of a servant’s heart: never looking for the limelight, but doing her part with excellence and helping FSG remain profitable.”“Always a pleasure to work with. Great attitude, cheerful, and, above al, extremely competent.”

Other Nominees:

Randy Billman – Corp IC: “He is so awesome when I request to add something to a PO; he is so helpful every time! His response time is incredible too. I’m never left hanging wondering if he is going to get back to me.”

Andi West, Diana Gonzalez and Melissa Ocanas – NAC MRO: “I know they’ve been going through some logistical and account shifts and they are on the late crew. They do great things to make up for that transition, which could have been rough and difficult to deal with. They have been making the most of their time after hours to get caught up, study accounts, and still answer the phones dealing with their normal day to day. I understand change can be rough but they’ve handled it swimmingly despite the challenges that have been presented.”

Bobby Davis – MDC930: He has stepped up and really helped the MDC now that Barbara is gone. The transition was seamless! (Pretty big shoes to fill, he must have big feet!)”

Mia Ferguson – Lighting Projects: Cheerful attitude and always seems hands on with her projects. Passionate about her work.” 

Chris West – Local MRO: “He’s learned so much by moving to LMRO and and I always hear him asking to help more.” 

Nathan Byrne – Corporate IT: Nathan has always been so helpful in getting the Noodles online guides set up and is very nice to work with.”  

Chuck North – MDC South: He is really helpful with getting requests done fast.  Also, he questions product that comes in, if the packing slip doesn’t quite look right he makes sure it is correct before receiving it in the system, which to me is BIG. Sending the wrong product to the customer doesn’t make us look good.”

JT Graham – Local MRO: He is a real knowledgeable guy. Does a great job handling his customers and coming up with solutions that fit their needs.”

Lee McAfee – MDC  South: He’s constantly a hard worker, working with us and the MDC to communicate any issues going on. Always calls me for even the smallest of things because he wants to make sure we get it right the first time.”

Lindsey Whisler – NAC MRO: “First quarter for me has been new and fun and she’s made the transition as seamless as possible. Always happy to help me learn my customers. Always making me laugh!” 

Ron Dunn – NAC MRO: Great attitude and the hardest worker. He is incredibly focused and also happens to be incredibly funny. Ron is the BOMB.”

Courtney Goerner Lighting Projects: “Always in good spirit and willing to help!”

Lauren Preston – Lighting Projects: “A consistent and amazing leader on our team. I am very thankful for her as a friend and teammate.” 

Tara Visker – Lighting Projects: Has jumped in and assisted wherever she can, always available to help, has stayed late helping others, already taking on accounts on her own. Just doing a great job.”

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