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Customer Care Center, Spotlight Awards, Q1 2015

2015 has gotten off to a great start at FSG.  With new systems coming on-line and new processes and procedures gaining momentum, FSG is posed to have a great 2015.

One of the new initiatives for 2015 is the centralization of FSG’s Customer Care Center located in Dallas Texas. The team at the CCC has started the year off strong and has made a tremendous impact on FSG’s goals when it comes to the customer first approach.

Everyone at the CCC deserves tremendous praise for their work in getting this department up and running and for the care they take with our customers everyday. There are a few names, however, that have been recognized by their peers as deserving of the CCC Spotlight Award. This award is given to team members that do that little bit extra to take care of our customers nationwide.  The awards are given out qaurterly and are voted on my by members of the CCC team, the MRO teams, and the NAC lighting teams.

Below are the names of the first quarter winners along with some quotes from the their peers about why the deserve the Spotlight Award. Be sure to congratulate these team members and thank them for doing their part to make FSG great everyday! To learn more about the CCC, contact Mark Condry or any of the CCC team members.

Frank Torti: FSGL30

“He goes beyond his job duties and really helps our entire team with system issues, product issues, training, vendors, you need anything and he’ll help.”

“He has never said no when I have asked for help. No matter what he is working on, he will take time to help you & not just give an answer. He will explain the why/how/who/where. I wouldn’t know half the stuff I know if it weren’t for him. He’s awesome!!”

“He is so busy and he’s still the most helpful person ever. His expertise and knowledge is incredible too; he’s like a walking lighting and electrical encyclopedia. “

“At any given time we walk over to him or call him and he never tells us he’s to busy or can’t help us. Not only does he help us he teaches us how something works, or why we need to use his suggestion. He is a true asset to FSG.”

Dondi Lish: TCP

“Dondi always has some sort of trick up her sleeves to make the impossible happen. She’s Always “Jonny-On-The-Spot” with a suitable substitute when what I’m looking for isn’t in stock. Dondi demonstrates Service with a Smile better than most in the service.”

“Dondi is always super helpful and she always has a good attitude… “

“Because she is awesome… :)”

“ A description of her work and customer service is really not necessary for her, she’s just pure awesomeness!”

“ She is always sweet and never gets annoyed with my multiple questions. In my opinion she is the easiest vendor to get information from and is ALWAYS pleasant to deal with.”

“Dondi truly is the best customer service rep that I have dealt with in my 20 years at FSG.”

Alex Alarcon: MDC912

“Alex Alarcon gets my vote. He always goes above and beyond any time we ask him nothing is to big or small for him.”

“Alex Alarcon always has a positive attitude and gets things done extremely efficiently. He’s made a difference in the MRO and projects business.”

Lauren Preston: CCC (NAC Lighting Projects)

“Lauren Preston – The girl is a rock star at all she does. She knows her stuff and she knows how to teach/train others, which I find to be very difficult. She always has a good attitude; we are all very lucky to have someone like her on our team.”

“Lauren works so hard day in and day out and also assists anyone on the team who comes to her. She is patient and incredibly knowledgeable and sets a perfect example of what our team should be striving for!”

Ron Dunn: CCC (NACMRO)

“Ron stepped up and took on a very tough task when he accepted the challenge to be the primary contact for material orders for the NAC service teams.”

“Amazing performance by a highly competent, long FSG tenured, hard working individual.”

“Took a major workload off three team leads, enabling them to focus on other aspects of their responsibilities.” 


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