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FSG San Antonio Celebrates Fiesta

Viva La Fiesta! Once again it’s time for San Antonio’s annual celebration of fantastic lights, color, food and music.


Although there are many events during this time known as “FIESTA” one in particular is held dear to our San Antonio FSG family, “Night in Old San Antonio”. “NIOSA” as the locals’ call it is a four day event beginning April 21st and ends on April 24th.

This multi-cultural event showcases and celebrates San Antonio’s colorful heritage at La Villita grounds, in the heart of our great city. This event is organized by the San Antonio Conservation Society. Proceeds from this event go toward the restoration and maintenance of San Antonio’s historical buildings and structures.

For two decades FSG San Antonio division has been the contractor of choice for the San Antonio Conservation Society when it comes to electrical and lighting coordination of “NIOSA”. This task entails the installation of over 70 temporary electrical panels, installation of lighting and power over the La Villita grounds and surrounding streets to facilitate hundreds of vendors; food, drink and merchandise booths that are set up to serve the thousands of eager patrons that will attend this event.

Leading our dedicated and skilled technicians have been San Antonio’s very own Mark Huff and Warren Lampman. These men have been involved with this event since 1975 and are key to the coordinated success of the operation.

We invite the FSG extended family to join us for FIESTA. Come visit San Antonio; take in the sights, sounds, food and drink. NIOSA is the place to be. VIVA LA FIESTA!

For more information on NIOSA please visit; www.niosa.org.

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