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Customer Care Center Spotlight Awards – Q3 2016

The Customer Care Center has announced their Spotlight Awards for the 3rd Quarter of 2016!

The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program which is voted on by the members of the CCC (which includes NACMRO, Local MRO and NAC Lighting Projects teams).  The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide great service to our customers around the country.

Our winners and nominees for Q3 2016, along with what their coworkers had to say:




  Lindsey Rosen, Lighting Projects

— This girl is amazing and if you have not had the pleasure of working with her you are missing out!  She is ALWAYS willing to help no matter how full her own plate is.  She sure knows her lighting and its nice to have her on my side with Starbucks information.  Even when she is in a bad mood because she has had to deal with an irritating situation she always has a smile on her face.  

She trusted me to take on The Joint Chiropractic Franchise.  She has shown a great deal of patience while teaching me the way to handle that account.  I am sure she would agree with the adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. 

— She has improved CCC culture by making a real effort to try and get to know people outside her team and has been awesome and friendly. 


  Debbie West, MDC930

— She always steps in to help when and where she can.  She’s a great Team Player.  

— Not only does she save my bacon on a regular basis.  She is always so pleasant and knowledgeable.  She is always willing to help figure out the best way to get things done and in a timely manner. And when she see it’s me on the caller ID she still answers the phone!

–She’s a monster!  In a good way!  With the load they’ve taken on with the JPMC project, she’s still helped out with LMRO orders where I’ve needed help. Such a great asset to our team.  


  Lindsey Godfrey, Lighting Projects

— She has really stepped up when it comes to helping those less confident with Trend. She has also done a great job of helping with Sonic, as well as covering Sonic with people are out.   

— She has been a great help to the Projects team. She is always up helping anyone who has a Trend question and is an excellent teacher. She deserves to be recognized for coming in and being an immediate positive impact on our team’s dynamic.  

— I appreciate her skills and attitude to work … She is always smiling. It seems like there will be no problem that she can’t solve. She is simply the best to work with always ready to help us new people out.  


  Roscoe Graham, LEDvance/Sylvania 

— He’s been super helpful whenever we need anything.

— He sends us the most up to date product info when things change – especially in the fast paced LED world we are all living in. He’s always coming in and offering to help where he can. He always responds in a timely manner, is professional, and takes time to build relationships with us. Great vendor partner.

— He has been extremely helpful with the Sylvania website, cross reference tools and always willing to help when need be. 

  Daniel Thomas, Local MRO

— He was given a lot of new responsibilities.  Even with the additional workload, he stays cool under pressure.

— He’s taken over several new accounts for us, done a great job, and has not once complained about anything.

— I don’t know what I would do without him right now. There isn’t a favor that I ask of him that he doesn’t say absolutely to. He is helping out our team with several things and has been wonderful about it. He is quiet but he is always listening and has little zingers to throw in here and there. He is truly a pleasure to work with.

  Chris West, Local MRO

— I have enjoyed sitting near him for the last couple of months. He is never unhappy and he is ALWAYS willing to learn. He goes above and beyond for the customers and isn’t afraid to ask questions. He keeps us laughing with his silliness and is just an overall fantastic person to have on the team.

— He’s a great coworker to have in the office.  His positive attitude is infectious and his work ethic is strong.  We’ve worked together on some SiteStuff issues and he’s always willing help out in any way he can.

— He seems to jump on every call and he always asks the customer for any feed back so he can do a better job. 





PaMee Vang (MDC930) – She is very knowledgeable and has been helpful and organized with my many returns.  She has been so amazing lately. Always willing to lend a helping hand. I know I can go to her with any questions I have. She is insanely patient and calm at times of stress. I can always depend on her to have a solution.  

Margaret Richardson (Lighting Projects) – She has always been willing to help, but recently has taken the time to teach me new processes/ screens that will help me take on new challenges moving forward – that is a great leader to me.

Hanna Huang (Ledconn) – She is always quick to respond and even quicker to resolve any issues that pop up. She has continuously and successfully worked with me to improve lead times on material. Whether we are ordering new material, taking care of warranty items, or returning material not used, the process is always smooth and simple.

Mia Ferguson (National Accounts Pre-Sale) – I’ve gotten to learn even more about vendor relations and the pre-sale process just through our interactions with the Simon’s account. There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to the Simon’s projects, and she is always willing to help me whether it is on product knowledge or just getting vendors to provide me with answers.

Richard Linn (Lighting Projects) – His customer service and friendly attitude on the phone are undeniably the best.  Even in difficult situations, his positive attitude never ceases to break. We could all take a lesson from him on phone etiquette!   

Chris Dembosz and his team (MDC970) – They are all animals!  I know the JPMC project has been killing them for the last few months.  Even with that workload, they still help out with any order and make sure it’s delivered when and where it needs to go.  Amazing performance.

Ken Bluder (FSGL70) – He’s been really helpful with AL70 accounts since we took that on. He even took some time to explain the Chicago Code to me a couple weeks back.

James Belisle (Halco) – He is a fantastic individual that has never been too busy to help me with pricing and availability. He even has gone out of his way to get better pricing when he did not have to. 

Bobby Desmidt (JDI) – He is extremely friendly and helpful as well. He gives us great pricing and ships out PO’s as soon as he gets them. 

Michael Acosta (ReneSola) – He is extremely helpful and enthusiastic about his job and tasks. When we call on him he makes doing business and getting product extremely easy and enjoyable, and if what were looking for isn’t in stock, he has 3 more substitutions ready to go. He always follows up with an email as well as a phone call to make sure we got all the answers we needed. He always seems to make me feel good about myself when I call on him.

Mary Friedrich (MDC930) – She’s always willing to help me and on those rare instances she’s not able to solve my issue, she makes sure to help me find the right person I need to talk to in order to get a solution. 

Adriana Trevino and Nikki Myrick (NMRO) – Both of them have wonderful skills as leads for our team.

Elizabeth Schwartz (TCP) – She has been amazing. Always willing to help me find what I need. She also keeps me posted on all stock they have available. Such a great person to work with as well.  

Alex Alarcon (MDC912) – He has helped me out so much lately. Always willing to go above and beyond. He has been a trooper with the RMA process for Simon projects. Such a huge help to be able to always depend on him.  

Jessica Jackson (Hinkley) – She has gone above and beyond to help me find many random fixtures and glass for BBI restaurants. She is always helpful and never rude when I have off the wall questions. She has made searching for material so easy! 

Mark Price (Lighting Projects) – He is really helpful and very knowledgeable. Great asset.  

Patrick Gurney (Current by GE) – He really does a good job with the Circle K warranties – handles them in a timely fashion. Super helpful.

Bobby Davis (MDC930) – Bobby is so helpful with receiving issues and communicates well to you also. 

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