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NAC Awards – Q3

The National Accounts Center awards for the third quarter have been announced!


A​mber Burchett – Top Performance – To the employee who has contributed above and beyond during the quarter, delivered an outstanding contribution to profitability, or generally is recognized as the TOP performing employee of the quarter.

This is what Robert Toles​ had to say about Amber​:  “Amber’s personal commitment to quality is obvious in everything she does she is a creative thinker and can think outside the box. The level of service she provides has exceeded all expectations, and guarantees a successful relationship that she has developed with 2 high profile clients. Amber continues to impress me with her knowledge and how hard she works.”




Holly Turrentine – Innovation Award – To the employee who provides the most innovative idea that enhances short and long term organizational productivity.

This is what Aaron Schrader had to say about Holly:  “Holly was instrumental in getting training videos setup for Sephora displays to allow FSG to provide a detailed visual guide for dismantling displays within Sephora locations. Currently she is working directly with Brannon Bourland and his team to complete the training aids that we will send out to the techs in the field. This will work to save cost for time spent in locations and afford our customer a very high level of customer service/support. While giving our techs the proper tools to complete their job in a timely manner. I see a bright future for Holly as she continues on this path and know she will do great things with and for FSG.: 




Kristina Stapp – Spirit Award – To the employee who demonstrates consistent positive attitude in all settings each quarter.

This is what Mike Grimes had to say about Kristina:  “Each quarter we find ourselves asking what does the Spirit Award truly mean and who undoubtedly qualifies to have the honor bestowed upon them? Kristina not only has extraordinary skills in training and improvising, but collaboration is her strong suit. She will not hesitate to drop what she is doing to assist anyone that is in need. She is efficient, tactful, and somehow manages to leave everyone smiling at the end of the day. Her energy and out of the box thinking is contagious. Kristina spearheads the annual festivities and is constantly looking for ways to make the work environment “fun”.  She always finds a way to make things happen and words like “I’m too busy” or “I can’t do that” are not in her vocabulary. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that Kristina is the glue that holds this place together! P.S. No, we are still not going to have a pajama day so quit asking!”



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