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Customer Service, The Best Ingredient

After light poleIn early 2012, FSG Electric worked with Campbell’s Soup Company’s Corporate Headquarters in Camden NJ to upgrade their existing outdoor lighting to LED technology.

The project consisted of replacing 50 metal halide pole lights in an employee parking lot to brand new LED technology area lights, many with new poles to match thetruck with pole remaining parking lot aesthetics. The new LED pole lights resulted in a savings of over 66% of the energy usage. FSG Electric also replaced over 150 existing metal halide and high pressure sodium wallpacks and flood fixtures across the campus with new LED fixtures. These fixtures delivered over 60% energy savings from the HID fixtures. Additionally, the higher quality of light and safer work environment were immediately noticed and appreciated by Campbell’s employees. FSG also facilitated the procurement of available NJ State Rebate funds for many of these improvements.

After completion of this project, FSG received a letter from the customer concerning the work that had been done.

To Whom It May Concern:

With the end of the year upon us, I wanted to write a letter sharing my satisfaction of the work performed by Facility Solutions Group in 2012 throughout our Corporate Headquarters Campus, located in Camden, NJ. Having dealt with your organization in completing a large-scale lighting retrofit and controls upgrade for my previous company in 2010-2011, I had the utmost confidence in introducing FSG to Campbell’s Soup Company as an energy partner, and I was not disappointed.

Working closely with Joseph Reuter as I also did for our first projects in 2010-2011, we were able to have over 1 million square feet of facilities and public grounds audited and designed. Your team put together a complete binder for my review. This included breaking the projects into several phases to complete over time as I requested, spec sheets of fixtures and technologies used, and available local rebates to reduce my costs.

We decided to first focus on outdoor lighting as that was the most inefficient and unappealing aspect of our beautiful campus. FSG’s engineers worked with my engineering department to produce layouts using new LED technologies of outdoor flood lighting and parking lot lighting to ensure lighting levels were improved to increase safety of all employees. This allowed for easier approval of these LED technologies.

FSG was also willing to participate in Campbell’s Earthday festivities by having a display booth and demonstrating to our employees the actual fixtures we were planning to install across the campus while answering any questions they may have. Where sometimes projects like this can be viewed as a burden, this event was able to greatly increase the overall excitement for our lighting upgrades and directly educate our employees to “Green” investments our company was making.

With the end of our fiscal year approaching, we were left with 2 months to complete 8 projects spread out over our entire campus, including brand new poles and pole lighting in a parking lot. FSG’s project manager, Fred Kondash, was exceptional in his attention to detail, flexibility in scheduling, and diligence in working with our engineers to insure all work was done on time, professionally, on budget, and with minimal interruption to our operations and employees. FSG’s technicians took great pride in their work and were respectful to all employees during installation.

After completion, the quality of lighting, feeling of “going green”, and overall aesthetics of our campus was immediately appreciated by our employees. I hope this is the beginning of a long relationship between our companies, and I look forward to working on future projects with FSG.

John Migneco

Director, Campus Operations

Campbell Soup Company


Below are some Before and After Pictures from the Project.

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