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Division 50 Celebrates 25 Years

Happy Anniversary, FSG Corpus Christi!

February 1st marks the 25th anniversary for Division 50 – Corpus Christi!

Dave Thomas worked for FSG in outside sales at our San Antonio office.  In his yearly performance review, Dave told Bill Graham that he aspired to one day open his own branch.  Bill immediately saw the light, and on February 1st, 1992, Dave and Chris McRae (also from the San Antonio branch) opened the doors for FSG’s newest branch.  Within a week, the two had their first contract with the US Naval base in Corpus Christi.

Over the following months the branch grew, adding new contracts and new staff, including Billy McBroom, their first electrician, who is still with the branch today.  The branch now has approximately 65 full-time staff.  Some of their stand-out projects include Whataburger Field, Veterans Memorial High School, and a $50,000,000 project for the Texas State Aquarium.

Corpus Christi has not only been productive on the balance sheet – with $14,200,000 in 2016 sales – but has also produced two spinoff branches: Harlingen and West Texas (Abilene).  In addition, there are numerous FSG Corpus Christi alums throughout the company, including at the National Accounts Center.

One of the things Dave is most proud of is the culture and family atmosphere that has taken hold at the branch.  For twenty-one years, Corpus Christi has been hosting an annual fishing trip that attracts participants from all over the region.  The larger FSG family is incredibly proud and happy to have Corpus Christi within our company, and we salute them on this well-deserved anniversary celebration!

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