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Q4 CCC Spotlight Awards

Congratulations to the Q4 CCC Spotlight Award winners!

The Customer Care Center has announced their Spotlight Awards for the 4th Quarter of 2016. The CCC Spotlight Award is a quarterly recognition program which is voted on by the members of the CCC (which includes NACMRO, Local MRO and NAC Lighting Projects teams).  The goal of the program is to “shine the spotlight” on those who are doing the most to help the CCC provide great service to our customers around the country.


Our winners and nominees for Q4, 2016 are:







Bobby Davis.


“Any time I need help finding something, he’s been super helpful.”


“He is always a go to for me to find out missing information and get things taken care of quickly. Always responsive and so helpful!”




“Bobby is a quiet professional who always goes above and beyond any time I ask for help.  Even with all the activity he’s had between JPMC and the normal receiving workload, he always makes time to find answers and get back to us quickly.” 




Courtney Goerner and Lindsey Rosen


“Managing projects and people are two very different but equally difficult tasks. I applaud them for taking on the challenge and transitioning into new roles as team leads.”


“I would like to nominate Lindsey Rosen and Courtney Goerner for the Spotlight Award. By assuming their roles as Team Leads they have unified the two teams and in turn reinforced our focus on Customer Service. Their knowledge of what needs to be done and leading by example are a great step in the right direction for FSG and our customers.”


“[Lindsey] is doing a fantastic job in her new position and helping her Team in any and every way she can.”


“I also wanted to say excellent job Lindsey did navigating the back and forth with our Design team and AOR. I saw the effort she put into seeking the details and making sure everything was squared away. I appreciate her initiative, attention to detail and proactive nature! It demonstrated her exemplary customer service skills and work ethic, which I’ve come so accustomed to while working with her over the years. I was very grateful to have her looped into the conversation because quite frankly, I would have been lost!” (Katie Bowman – SBUX Construction Rep)

“It’s been great getting to know [Courtney] better and work more closely with her.  She is a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to help out.”



Michael Leal




“If there was a dollar for every change order I send that goes “in Mike’s tray” he would be a very rich man. But in all seriousness we are constantly having to move things around in order to meet the customers needs. Mike helped us map out the process for this and is a crucial part in making it run smoothly. It’s not lost on me that physically breaking down staged orders and moving material around is a tedious task. He always gets it done in a timely manner and with a great attitude!” 




“Mike did a great job leading our efforts for the JPMC audit from GE.  Thanks to his attention to detail and dedication, the audit results were outstanding and made GE realize what a great partner we are for this and future projects.”




Davin Baker, the unsung hero of the Credit department!


“Davin always gets back to us so quickly and helps us keep our orders moving and customers happy!”



“No matter what we ask Davin to do, he does it quickly, with a great attitude, and helps us stay on track in the important areas of credit checks and keeping orders moving.”





And finally, Dameon Harrison: first ever outside sales rep to win the Spotlight Award! 



“He’s a very good communicator and works with the team well. He’s always pleasant, positive, & has good info. Takes the time to say thanks and spreads the good word about our team to others to use us. “



“Dameon is our favorite – I wish all outside reps were as good as he is.”










Melissa Connell at Hossley. “I had an order for Travertine that she expedited all the way through from the quote to tracking the order. I emailed her practically everyday for about three weeks. She was patient and kind the whole time. I felt like we had to be driving her crazy, because she was dealing directly with Dameon too. She was great & really integral to the process.”




Patrick Gurney @ GE Customer Service – “He is always very helpful when I call or e-mail for help.”




Marcy Bethke at Spectrum out of Austin (our Austin Acuity rep). “She is always quick and willing to help me out in a bind.” 




Rebekah Goolsby (Corp AR) “She is so fantastic. Always assists with Simon invoicing quickly and with an amazing attitude. I trust her implicitly. She is my go to when it comes to billing questions or assisting properties with discrepancies.”  




Chris Dembosz and the whole 970 team. “In this crazy time of transition for them, this warehouse still came though. Anything my customers or I need they are there to help.  Ulta would not run as smoothly as it does without 970. They are just plain awesome.”




Elizabeth Schwartz from TCP. “I have yet to write her an email that hasn’t been responded to within 30 minutes. While she is difficult to get on the phone as we keep her rather busy, she will STILL email you a response/apology for not being available. She always has the answers, and always is accommodating for any request. Her versatility and flexibility is beyond commendable. I have yet to call on her with an issue that she hasn’t solved with professionalism and urgency.”




Rachel Booth. “Her leadership inspires her team to succeed despite difficult circumstances and has personally trained this employee to have and utilize the skills necessary to make more orders than their teacher in the 2016 year. This employee could not have succeeded without her guidance, methods, and demand for positive results, not to mention a smidgen of patience.”



“She has been very helpful, kind and patient during my training process.”




James Ryan. “He works hard getting LTL shipments ready and anyone that works closely with Lee…well. need I say more?” 




Lee McAfee. “[I]s a great asset. Always handles request in a timely matter.”



“When you look past that tough exterior, you realize what a great person and amazing worker Lee is. He always is there to assist with any issues as soon as they come up. His work ethic is unparalleled. I can always count on him to get the job done.”




Margaret Richardson. “Her knowledge of the software and her remarkable problem-solving abilities are rare indeed. She is also willing to assist in moments notice and always has a smile on her face.” 



“Margaret is always willing to step in when needed and help cover anything whether it is an account she is familiar with or not. It’s nice to not have to worry when you are out of office that your accounts/ customers are being taken care of and with Margaret I never have to worry.” 




Brian Paterob (MDC970) “[He] has been extremely helpful & easy to work with.”




Diana Gonzalez. “[She] is a very hard worker and a great team player. She always keeps her composure even when her accounts or sales rep seem to be difficult that day. She is a very professional customer sales rep who I can count on to help out whenever I have a question.”




Cory Sunaz (Corp AR) She is so helpful when it comes to dealing with BBI invoices. She does a great job of trying to better understand how things are handled on our end so that when “issues” come up again, she is already familiar with it. She is willing to take the time to explain things to me, when I’m not sure how something looks on her end, as well as willing to take the time to work with the customer.” 




Mark Price. “I’ve watched him handle many difficult situations very professionally and is always looking to help out where he can.”



“He is a plus. Good at what he does & works well with the people at FSG & the customers. He has made a notable effort to try and get to know people in the office. He visits each pod randomly and will joke around and talk.  He has helped with decorating the office for holidays and is a great example of helping to keep the office culture together.”




Frank Jewett from Solais. “He has been great with JCP and working with some of our other customers. He really cares about the accounts and does a great job with staying in touch and going above and beyond to cover any problem that comes up.”  




Nicole Kennedy. “She has been an amazing help with all my material POs and keeping them straight. She always emails if there is an issue and responds back quickly when I have questions.”




Tara Visker. “She is always willing to help in any way she can and with a great spirit and attitude.”




Rossmery Flores-Alor (Dolan) “Since taking over our account she has been amazing! Always responding quickly to emails, assisting in getting me the correct material for Starbuck’s stores and making sure POs are shipped. I have never felt as though I am a burden or annoyance to her even when I email her about 5 separate stores.”




Erik Berthelson “Erik is always helpful and has a great attitude when working with the Sonic team on billing and credit issues.  He takes the time to explain why we handle credits the way we do.”




Judy Kastner LED Power “[W]e had a Starbucks GC that continuously misplaced material. Judy worked with me and Mark at Starbucks in order to help resolve any outstanding issues. She went above and beyond to help.” 




Nikki Myrick “I’ve listened to her while she’s helped people through figuring out what they need on orders and she’s always patient with explaining to customers and walking them through information until she figures out what they’re asking for and getting the orders out.”   




Cecil Chavez “We work together a lot and he’s always a pleasure to work with. He’s always willing to learn more about the account that we work on together so he can have a better understanding of what to anticipate when working with their customers.  That kind of dedication is an awesome asset for our CCC to have!”




Megan Wheeldon “She’s doing a hell of a job taking care of the Sbux Service team upstairs.  She knows that account very well and is an all star in both knowledge over the account and the customer service she provides to Team 4.  And on top of that she’s one of the fastest to pick up the phone with calls come in.” 



Rebekah Goolsby “She is so fantastic. Always assists with Simon invoicing quickly and with an amazing attitude. I trust her implicitly. She is my go to when it comes to billing questions or assisting properties with discrepancies.”


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