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We don’t want to shock you, but May is Electrical Safety Month

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting electrical safety in homes, schools, and workplaces. Each year, they lead the charge (no pun intended) to recognize May as Electrical Safety Month and this year’s theme is “Electrification: E-Mobility.” Even though FSG has an OUTSTANDING safety rating, we want to take a moment to remind you how to be safe at home when it comes to Electric Vehicles.

The use of electric vehicles has become more prevalent in recent years, with many people choosing them for their environmental benefits and potential cost savings. However, it’s important to realize that these vehicles come with their own set of safety concerns.

There’s no shortage of news stories about electric vehicle (EV) and e-bike fires and incidents in the news. The reality is that many Americans still don’t know a lot about EVs and EV chargers. Couple that with the fact that lack of knowledge often results in a lack of safety, and it turns out that many of the incidents we see in the news in the news could have been prevented.

From batteries to chargers, there’s a lot to learn about EV safety. EFSI has put out some infographics to help keep you informed and safe. If you own an EV or are considering purchasing one, we encourage you to read these infographics and stay safe!

At FSG, we want to make sure you are as safe around electricity at home as you are on the job! Thank you for all you do to make FSG great!

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