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FSG Electric New York Foreman Retreat

FSG Electric New York recently had a Foreman Retreat to thank and acknowledge the contributions of team members who have been instrumental in shaping the iconic New York.

Left to Right: Mike H. (E-9), Chris C. (E-10), Chris Papadatos (Director of Construction), Scott S. (E-9),
Joe Cannella (General Labor Superintendent), Brian F. (E-10), John H. (E-9), Joe K. (E-10), Ron H. (E-10 Super),
Peter C (E-10), Clay M. (Warehouse/Logistics Manager), Chris R (E-10)

Director of Construction Chris Papadatos says it best: “It’s truly remarkable what these guys have accomplished over the years. We’re privileged to have this dedicated group capable of tackling large projects from start to finish. Thank you to this amazing team that has been part of the FSG family for many years, helping us build the New York City skyline bigger and better than ever!”

FSG Takes Projects from This …
… to This!

The day started off with a Foreman Team Meeting at the Propel Career Academy training center, but once the business was out of the way, they headed to the real purpose of the trip, an offshore fishing trip!

Team members had a great time fishing, and when the fishing action slowed down, they insist they invented a new version of cornhole. They claim the added motion of the boat takes cornhole to a whole new level, if not into a completely different game. There was fierce competition on the boat and it even continued after they were back on solid ground.

It was a great day filled with camaraderie and fun, and those being honored deserved the retreat! Thank You to these Foremen, and to all FSG employees, for your dedication and tireless efforts that have made a significant impact not only in New York but all across the country.

We believe in celebrating important moments in our employees’ lives. If you have a story about an employee or a project you’d like to see on FSG Resources, please share it! Whether it’s a personal achievement or a team accomplishment, we want to recognize and celebrate your successes. Reach out to Scott Delony, FSG Marketing Communications Manager, at [email protected] with stories, ideas, or questions!

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