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Meet FSG’s Recruiting Team

Today we want to introduce you to the Talent Experts of FSG’s Recruiting Team. These individuals are passionate about connecting talented professionals with the right careers. Their expertise is tailored to specific FSG divisions and regions to ensure high-quality job placements.

Junior Gomez – Our Director of Talent Acquisition. The go-to for Corporate, Lighting, and Services roles.
Patrick Casella – Our expert in Electrical Construction and Corporate positions.
Yesenia Salazar – Guides candidates through Finance and Smart Buildings career options.
Juan Villarreal – Our Director of Field Recruiting.
Paul Shy – Our Senior Talent Acquisition leader. Manages Field hiring in Albuquerque, Phoenix, Denver, California, and Las Vegas
Chris Watson – Specializes in Low Voltage careers and Field hires in Houston.
Priscilla Tovar – Oversees Field hires in South Texas.
Brooke McCoy – Oversees Field and Office hiring in Kansas, Chicago, and Indianapolis.
Jason Figueroa – Oversees Field hires in New York and New Jersey.
Amelia Buenrostro – Oversees Field hires in the Austin area.

They are truly experts in their field and do a fantastic job attracting the right talent to FSG. But they can use your help!

How can you get involved?

Follow them on LinkedIn and share their posts. You have many talented professionals in your LinkedIn circles, and sharing our recruiters’ posts greatly increases their reach.

Refer your friends and family. If you know someone on the lookout for their next career move, refer them to our Talent Experts. A simple referral could change the course of someone’s career journey and make this institution even better!

We are incredibly proud of our Talent Acquisition team here at FSG! Thank you for all that you do to build this institution!

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