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FSG-50 Attends Ground Breaking

Antonio Olivares was asked to attend the ground breaking this past weekend at a Colonias that FSG provided and installed new solar lighting

A solar street lighting solution was implemented to overcome the high costs of of trenching in older neighborhoods. These lights provide much needed safety for school children waiting for buses in the early mornings as well as security for the community at night. FSG was the contractor chosen to perform the installation. The celebration was for the community to give thanks for the people who participated making the solar street lighting project a reality.

These colonias have limited infrastructure and no street lighting. The new solar lighting will give them a sense of security and pride. The local media have given the FSG brand alot of press……the young kids would never go out at night now they are enjoying the new lighting ..playing soccer at night etc…….

(above) Antonio is shown with his son and local county commisioners as was as our U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar,,

Tony has sold many projects with the County and more to come……

Great Job Tony….and Doug on his and his crew’s great installation……..

Dave Thomas


Thank you Dave and Doug for your support and dedication for making this possible.”

Jason Ziprian




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